We within the Black Autonomy Federation strongly believe that without a revolutionary voice and practice, that there will be little opportunity for a revolutionary vision, alternative, as well as Social Revolution within this country. Coming from many of the most revolutionary/nationalist and militant Black movements of the past; we have tried to take the experiences and lessons learned from them, and apply it today within this period. These life lessons have been borne from decades and years of consistent struggle, which has lead us to our present anti-authoritarian African class-based position.

We have witnessed the pitfalls of command-ism and the old guard Stalinist modals within our movements. As well as the weaknesses of the old-guard petty-bourgeois nationalist, socialist and religious tendencies that are so quick to corrupt and compromise revolutionary ideas, and seek “negotiated settlements” and “reconciliation” with the capitalist/imperialist state. We find this within groups like the ANC of South Africa and now being played out within the professional-entrepreneurial, Academic/managerial and lawyer political class of the present New African Movement; specifically with the selection of Chokwe Lumumba as the Mayor of Jackson, Miss.

We are tired of left apologists trying to proclaim that we are just having “Sour Grapes” are that we are against Black Unity and other such nonsense. We stand on Revolutionary Principle and are committed to authentic Liberation and total Social Revolution and Autonomy in this period. This shows to us how We the Masses of the Black poor and working-class truly do stand alone and we are determined not to fall victim to the same mistakes and deceptions of the past, by the middle-class left,(Black or White) down the dead-end road of continued oppression and neocolonialism. Radical Reform is not Social Revolution!

Onward To Social Revolution! Let’s Organize The Hood!