“The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth.” (“1984”)

On the pages of this web-⁠site, RadioAzione-Italy, is been discussed the issue of “crazed counter-⁠information” more than once. I return on this issue because I was working on Orwell’s “1984” this days and I started to perceive many similarities with what was happening recently. The character, that I mentioned above, is the total opposite of me; he stands in antithesis to an anarchist, but this doesn’t mean that his topics aren’t interesting.

The counter-⁠information means everything and the contrary of everything nowadays.

Don’t let my words, concerning the net,become the shudder of joy for the admires of paper; as the net express hypocrisy,contradiction, attempts to rewrite the anarchist history, or pearls of shit of American’s culture related to anarchism (Oscars for the best anarchists or, the last pearl, a web-site where so-called American anarchists were explained how to practice bdsm between anarchists...), so the paper, at least in Italy, except “Croce Nera Anarchica” [Anarchist Black Cross], express a poverty of ideas and analysis, in spite of confrontations that should it create, more than sites and blogs.

Neolanguage and doublethink

On all these propagandistic gangrene the red vultures swoop down, flying swirly over our heads, waiting for the first weak mind on which to pounce on. The prey is attacked, ideas devoured,infected, infecting therefore whoever is and remains beside. The ideas are changing, conforming, the thought merges into thousand of contradictions, the specialists spread them and the lie become the truth. From all this the neolanguage is born, very popular in past years, and recently based on the doublethink, essential notion for the recoverers of struggle, founded on the fact that an individual can support two ideas, completely different and in opposition, at the same time.

This happen regularly, and daily, on the pages of counter-information, these days. Leaving aside the issue about “paper”, because I don’t want to light the short fuses and waste my time arguing about “nothing”, my critical thinking refers to those kind of projects similar to RadioAzione, but just for the platform in use. Obvious, I will not cite the names of these projects that I don’t support, in respect of comrades who carry on these activities, but whose ideas I don’t respect.

It’s becoming very hard to understand, if many anarchists manage counterinformation web-sites and blog or, since they don’t have a storeroom in their homes, they decided to create virtual storages where can amass everything. In the past, has not been practiced what was preached. Today, even the preach is absent. The figures don’t add up or maybe, very simply, to put it jokingly like the nowadays dopey kids (and not just them,unfortunately), this is a way to be “very social” (referring to the social networks).

Why “very social”?

Because using that way means, publishing everything, none will be offended. If, then, none even comments on things that have been published, like the comrade from web-site RadioAzione-Croatia says, we risk to become news agencies, which publish everything, from politics to sports, passing trough culture and gossip. But abstain from comment very often means not want to offend anyone. So you can go out on the streets without encounter further enemies, besides those in uniforms, hang out at black, red, rainbow, and so on and so forth, squats. You can welcome anyone at your place, just for quantity, and for visibility of your political job, not giving a fuck about who you are hosting. In this way of doing you can have many “friends” and a lot of “like”, but what remains in the end is the fact that those friendships, in despite of their physicality, are abstract, virtual. If they say to you “Like” is because there is an advantage, you are convenient, you allow them to devour you, they sneak in to you like the ticks under the skin, infecting you and you infect others with doublethink.

I close this text section by saying that anarchists don’t demand “abolition”. The respect and the solidarity with the “internal” struggle, with those who are sequestered in the dungeons of the State, anyway, don’t lead me to blindness and support, transforming them in “my struggles”. “My struggle” is definitely to wipe the prison structure off the face of Earth, and not demand the abolition of this or that law. But I don’t have unconditional respect for the comrades who have always speaking in a certain way and now are demanding “abolitions”, the respect, just because they are former anarchist or are still anarchist comrades, and moreover detained.

What does it mean to fight for the abolition of special prisons? Does it mean these normal prisons are good for us now? Oh yes..., we got used very well to the old prison, and now it will be very difficult for us to adapt to the new one.

The prison is the prison. This is sequestration by the State, or by any other authoritarian structure, above the physical body who doesn’t reenter in the ranks for receive the host and thanks the “lord”. Of course, there are differences about the correspondence, the reduced social relationships, but we must go beyond these things, because the aim of an anarchist is much bigger in comparison with the prison. We are anarchists, not reformists. We’re not interested in reaching the goal, doing things “step by step”, but in the total destruction, without middle ways.

What does it mean “abolition of anti-⁠terrorism laws or to be against the anti-⁠terrorism laws”? Does it mean if they abolish them, we will live better? Are we fine with all other laws? These can not be anarchist struggles. This is doublethink.

“Oppose to the Party is dangerous”

Coexistence of contradictory ideas, uniformity of thought and consider like “sacred”, what the “sublime” minds say, the holders of “politically correct” language. The one who opposes to this, who says what he thinks, what he sees, what is evident, what is “better not to say in front of everyone, or do not write publicly, otherwise, we, anarchist, will appear in a bad light” etc. Well, the one who commits the thoughtcrime is branded as dangerous subject, who has to be avoid, as buffoon, jackass, poor loser, and more, as pain in the balls or in the ovaries, going as far as accusing him for treachery if he doesn’t conform, except if the State shot him down, because then he becomes a “poor martyr”. If this last passage didn’t happen, the curriculum vitae of revolutionaries would be diminished. Therefore, there is no need to be an institutional structure to be a “party”, because the parties exist among the anarchists too, with leaders, wannabe leaders, lackeys, and the herd with bowed heads as well. And opposing to the parties, have a not conformed brain, and especially, compared to the masses, to have a spine means attract to themselves so much human misery.

If someone feels offended after reading these lines, makes a mistake to consider me like his “enemy”, because his real ENEMY is in his thoughts, his ideas, his relations with ideas. His real ENEMY is the doublethink.

“To a time when truth exists and what us done cannot be undone. From the age of uniformity, from the age of solitude, from the age of Big Brother, from the age of Doublethink -⁠ greetings!” (“1984”)