Title: An idea based on lies
Author: Rev Dia
Date: 15 July 2020
Source: Retrieved on 26th January 2022 from a translation of revdia.org

The right is now trying hard to call all its opponents foreign agents or opponents of the family.

Even LGBT people are “agents of Russian special services” that encroach on the integrity of the country and destabilize the situation. However, few people will approve when the right-wing group attacks the girls for rainbow badges. Therefore, they wave their hands and the usual attack on the “weaker” for fun turns into a fight with the Kremlin. Although it would be appropriate for the Ukrainian right to praise our eastern neighbor as the most consistent implementer of their ideas. In Russia, the constitution itself has banned same-sex marriage, and lawmakers are fighting against the use of rainbows in ice cream advertising. But it would be inadmissible for them to admit that their ideas are a reflection of the policy they are currently pursuing in Russia. Still, there is a war going on. Although this does not prevent their leaders from going to pro-Russian channels, which they themselves demanded to boycott.

The situation is similar with the struggle for the family. To begin with, it is not clear who is stepping on it. The same LGBT people just want to be able to legalize their own relationships so that different right-wing fools don’t beat them up on the streets just like that. They have nothing against the institution of the family. Russia is also not attacking the family. On the contrary, it has introduced a whole pact of laws that Ukrainian rights only dream of. For example, decriminalizing the beating of his wife and children. It is not clear who the right is fighting for the institution of the family.

All these topics — “For the Family” and “Against the Agency” — are used by the right only to discredit their opponents, and thus get an excuse for attacks on them. However, the right is divided into two types, one — unscrupulous propagandists who push lies and cultivate conspiracy, the other — people without critical thinking, who are led to this lie and begin to live in a fictional world with unrealistic problems.