Title: Analysis of events in Ukraine: manipulations with the topic of anti-terrorist operation
Author: Rev Dia
Date: 30 November 2017
Source: Retrieved on 26th January 2022 from a translation of revdia.org

Today, under the slogans of war, the authorities are massively cutting budget items, which ensured continued existence for the people, albeit a miserable one. Utility workers have not been paid since the fall or early winter, and parliament is increasing spending on itself by 230 million hryvnias in 2015, with deputies hanging billboards calling for the latter to continue. Imagine: how many useful things could be bought with the money spent by politicians on self-publicity? For example, the Popular Front spent about $ 5 million and Poroshenko spent $ 30 million on self-promotion. Students have reduced travel benefits, and energy oligarchs receive tax cuts or exemptions.

Authorities are refusing to pay for the drugs needed by the elderly to support their lives, and this year their fate is death. Their miserable pension of 1,000 hryvnias is barely enough to pay for utilities, not to mention decent food and clothing.

The state has introduced a tax on living space, which will eat up all earnings and savings, if, of course, you still have them. At the same time, party leaders, high-ranking officials are resting in the most expensive hotels in Dubai, flying charter flights and decorating their miserable existence. As, for example, Lyashko. Deputies and officials are not affected by poverty, they do not know hunger or fear of losing everything, their relatives will not be killed by a torn shell, their homes will always be safe and sound, and money will still flow right into their pockets. Our lives are worthless to them.

Hysterical hatred between nations is growing, which has affected our movement as well. Everyone already sees the Russians as imperialists and the Ukrainians as fascists. Although both are victims of propaganda. The victims of propaganda are not only ordinary people, but also the anarchists themselves. Many people are already using the cliché “Putin is to blame for everything” or “America is to blame for everything”. Of course, part of the blame lies with them, but mostly officials, the authors of these clichés, who are trying to divert attention from themselves — the main hotbeds of misery of the common people

But we see that no “patriot” shouting “Glory to Ukraine” and no “Strong Hand” are worried about the people. This only reaffirms the need for direct democracy, self-government and self-organization, which would prevent situations where citizens or soldiers do not receive the necessary means of subsistence.

Attempts at just revenge on the capitalists are becoming more frequent — nameless heroes are destroying their property, reminding them of justice. And this is just the beginning. Neither the police nor the SBU will be able to suppress the protest if it becomes mass.

Kyivpastrans went on strike recently, they have not been paid since October, and the strike was planned for the New Year. Due to intimidation of trade union leaders, their unwillingness to fight directly and pressure from the repressive apparatus of power, they managed to force the workers to return to work — they were promised to repay all debts, but only an advance, which allowed only to cover debts. We hope that the workers will still have the courage to assert their rights. Our task is to help them in their endeavors, to teach them to fight for their rights, to set an example, to propagate among them the ideas of revolution and anarchism. Only fear can make the government make concessions, and workers must make everyone in power feel afraid.

It is impossible to speak openly — it is “unpatriotic”, it “does not support the image of Ukraine” — for such a publication can be closed and dismantled. The capitalists consider it propaganda of the enemy camp, but it is a truth that the oligarchs are trying to hide in every possible way, on both sides. The truth is that only mass radicalization will save people and destroy the existing unjust system.