Title: Organizational principles and goals of Revolutionary Action
Author: Rev Dia
Date: 20 May 2018
Source: Retrieved on 26th January 2022 from a translation of revdia.org

Revolutionary Action is an anarchist organization that unites active members of the anarchist movement. The ideological platform of RD is social anarchism and illegalism. The mouthpiece of our position is a website and social networks in which we express our position on a particular issue, cover the activities of the anarchist movement, publish instructions and recommendations. The materials published on the site can be either authored by members of the organization or authored by sympathetic volunteers. The editorial board of the site is the organization itself, which determines what material appears on the site.

RD is an organization because the development of the movement and the approach of the social revolution requires systematic, constant activity, accompanied by planning, analysis and improvement of its effectiveness. This requires material, human and information resources. The organization allows to distribute them in such a way that the activities of its members are not confined to one direction, but spread to the widest possible field of practice. The organization has a branch in Belarus — Revolutionary Action.

Strategic goals of Revolutionary Action

  • Coverage of the anarchist movement and the promotion of anarchist ideas in society. The site serves as a mouthpiece for the radical part of the anarchist movement. Members of the organization may or may not participate in published promotions and materials. Although the site has an editorial board, almost all materials that are sent by mail are published. Only actions from political opponents, actions that do not have any media value, as well as those that can discredit anarchism in their format are not published. The Editorial Board of Revolutionary Action reserves the right to make corrections to spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors, as well as edit the style of the text in a more optimal way, without changing the main idea or reference of the submitted material. in the media, expanding the audience of shares or other materials through social networks.

  • Creating a strong, prepared and organized anarchist movement. Generation of experience from generation to generation and training: the development of recruits into trained revolutionaries capable of solving a wide range of challenges facing the movement. Lack of transfer of experience is one of the most important reasons for the defeat of many promising movements of the past. The site serves partly for these purposes, and the same work is being done in direct interaction with activists. The main emphasis is on the transfer of practical experience: from security issues to street actionism and radical practice. But it is also important to disseminate the ideological principles (anarcho-communism, illegalism) and strategic assessments (social revolution as the only way to achieve anarchism) of the organization as widely as possible.

  • The aspiration of the organization is to be a team of the best organizers and specialists from the anarchist movement, standing on a close ideological platform. Revolutionary Action advocates a synthesis of propaganda work and direct action. For the synthesis of work in the media field and work in the underground field. Working in the media field alone without the possibility of radical struggle makes the movement weak and unable to adequately respond to the challenges of the times. At the same time, going deep into the underground will bleed the movement and make it impossible for those who are interested in the anarchist movement and the implementation of anarchist society in practice to come.

  • Approaching the social revolution as the only way to establish a world anarchist society. Establishing such a society is seen as a real task and is the ultimate goal of the organization. However, the organization does not believe that only its efforts or the efforts of it, as the vanguard, such a revolution is possible. We see possible cooperation with many other anarchist groups around the world, with ideological positions close to us.

  • Expansion — the organization is looking for ways to intensive expansion, both within Ukraine and abroad. Revolutionary Action is ready for international cooperation, exchange of experience and mutual assistance.

Principles of Revolutionary Action

  • Membership in the organization is closed — no one outside the organization should know its current composition, team members do not advertise their affiliation.

  • Responsibilities are shared within the organization. Each participant is responsible for certain tasks and performs a range of functions that ensure the development of the organization and movement.

  • Each member of the organization has equal voting rights. Revolutionary Action has a fixed membership: a person can be accepted into the organization or expelled from its ranks. All decisions in the organization are made by collective discussion, strategically important issues are resolved by consensus, tactical — by voting, if necessary.

  • Planning is the key to successful revolutionary work. The use of certain methods by members of the organization is justified by objective circumstances, the benefits for the movement and prospects for development, rather than aesthetic appeal and personal sympathy. Thus, the organization uses those methods of struggle that are most appropriate at a particular time.

  • Conspiracy — the organization is semi-underground, some of the results of its activities are not advertised and not published in the public domain.

  • Illegalism — the organization carries out activities without regard to the legality of an action. In the first place is the effectiveness of action, it is prohibited or permitted by law — secondary.