Title: Thought of war
Author: Rev Dia
Date: 30 November 2018
Source: Retrieved on 26th January 2022 from a translation of revdia.org

Ukraine has been at war for 4 years now. The conflict is escalating or subsiding. There are many different positions on the war. Discussions on how to react to this or that event in the country have been going on for a long time. One of the popular arguments for participating in the war is the idea of the ​​“lesser evil”. Russia, compared to Ukraine, is a totalitarian dictatorship with a strong repressive apparatus. Obviously, if it captures Ukraine, all opposition movements will be unhappy. Russia became famous for its brutal repression and torture of foreigners. And it would seem that it is logical to support Ukraine in the conflict, enroll in the anti-terrorist operation and fight for less evil. In our opinion, this is completely absurd logic, and now we will understand why.

The army is a hierarchical structure, where an ordinary soldier can not influence the course of the war. Throughout the conflict, we have repeatedly witnessed the authorities killing soldiers in cauldrons, forbidding retaliatory fire. And very often the news space received another news about the death trade. While the rulers traded cars with the occupier, ordinary soldiers died in the cold trenches. The scum earned money for a carefree old age in public procurement of necessary things for the military. Avakov’s same backpacks are a prime example of how high-ranking officials make money on people’s deaths. Let us emphasize once again that the average person, and even more so a soldier, cannot influence the state of affairs in the country. They want to leave him in the boiler, and then appropriate the money allocated for his ammunition, and they will. War officials are not afraid, they will not die in the trenches, if these thieves feel the danger, they will move to another country, taking with them the entire budget. And we will remain to die and learn all the charms of Putin’s dictatorial regime.

Until we have the opportunity to influence the course of events, we will remain a consumable in the behind-the-scenes intrigues of our rulers. If we really want to influence the course of the war, we need to make sure that something really depends on our position, for this we must take power into our own hands. Without established structures of direct democracy, we are nobody. That’s why these scum can so easily make a living in our lives. First of all, we must make every effort to organize a mass protest movement in order to be able to defend our interests on the streets. It is indeed a very complex and time-consuming process, but it is the only way out.