Title: Who is Azat Miftakhov?
Author: Rev Dia
Date: 17 February 2019
Source: Retrieved on 26th January 2022 from a translation of revdia.org

Russia is a good example of what will happen if we constantly tighten our belts and do not protest. It has become a real dystopia. Interrogations, constant attacks by terrorists from the FSB, a frantic rise in prices and propagandists without conscience and honor.

Azat Miftakhov’s case is full of absurdity, and clearly demonstrates all the charms of the dictatorial regime. The FSB storms anarchists across Moscow, and reports the discovery of an underground terrorist group. As the main proof — photos of airsoft equipment. The FSB is trying to torture detainees to confess, but they have failed. The only person who testified immediately stated that they had been tortured. The FSB hastened to make statements about the revelation of the terrorist group, the propagandists released a series of stories in which they distorted the facts, openly lied, and tried their best to expose the People’s Self-Defense anarchists as terrorists.

Cases are falling apart without evidence, only the talented young mathematician Azat Miftakhov, who has nothing at all, remains in the hands of the special services. He was abducted in front of a lawyer, buried, his detention extended to gather evidence, but the case eventually fell apart.

The old case of the attack on the United Russia office was taken out of the archives, the mathematician was fired, and the new case was immediately detained, again buried in one of the police stations, but the public quickly found him. In a panic, the operatives run around Moscow, looking for the old people involved in the case and calling them back, demanding to appear “as soon as possible” to force them to testify against a mathematician. They refuse, and as a result, one of the police officers puts on a mask and calls himself a secret witness. He allegedly saw the attack on the United Russia office a year ago and recognized the mathematician among the attackers by his eyebrows. He did not immediately report the attack because his phone was discharged.

This ridiculous proof is also not enough to condemn the mathematician. That is why they are making a certificate that he is a member of an organization of anarchists who want to seize power in the country, and they are organizing crimes all over Russia and even in Paris. Moreover, the police claim that while sitting in prison, the mathematician went to the station and bought a ticket to another country to escape after he was released from prison…

Azat’s story is not over. One can only envy his willpower. In the case of the “network”, we know how cruel and horrific torture is used by terrorists from the FSB, how they fabricate cases solely on the evidence of those beaten out under torture. Azat is in dire need of our support, the service rosuznik.org has an opportunity to write him a letter, it is very necessary for him to feel the support of his comrades now. It is also necessary to spread information about him, because although the FSB is no longer afraid to openly do its dark deeds, widespread public support continues to help put pressure on terrorists.

Our strength is in solidarity!