Title: holy bloody terror
Author: Rob los Ricos
Date: 4/10/2016
Source: retreived on 12/5/2022, from https://web.archive.org/web/20171212154200/https://roblosricos.wordpress.com/

It’s difficult to destroy an entire continent full of highly cultured Peoples’ knowledge when most of it was handed down from generation to generation through oral traditions and hands-on apprenticeships. Very few people were literate back in the day, mostly religious scribes, priests, and a select few aristocrats and their highest ranking servants.

After 200 years of slaughtering literate and skilled tradespeople, there was still much killing that needed to be done in order to wipe out any knowledge or traditions that were not condoned by the – by that time – very powerful Christian Churches. There were several different branches of the faith in the middle of the 7th century. Most of them were not obsessed with seizing state power or empire building, the way the Roman sect was. In order to bring about an end to the squabbling over who’s way was most Christian, Pope Worship-me declared himself to be the ultimate holder of divine authority on earth, and demanded all other Christian patriarchs and bishops were subservient to him.

To keep the peace, and because Rome was no longer a threat to middle-eastern lands, most agreed to this arrangement, but continued to conduct themselves as they desired. As you can well imagine, the pope had plenty enough Church business to keep him occupied, without the fuss of prolonged civil wars over who’s doctrines were most Christlike.

Meanwhile, in northern France and the British Islands, a new dynasty was emerging which would provide Christendom’s greatest strongmen of that era – the Pepins.

The Pepins were rule-from-the-shadows kinda guys who lived in what today is northern France. They preferred the life of military plunderers and ratbastard murdering scumbags over that of palace life. Still, they valued scholarship. All the moreso because knowledge had been outlawed and all ancient teachings destroyed. Anyone who produced a book in those days could pretty much write anything, and there was no way to fact-check. Which explains a lot of the stupid-wacko things the Christian Churches passed off as knowledge.

To ensure that future generations would be able to share information across the lands Romans had conquered, Pepin the Short’s son Charles Martel (his true name was undoubtedly Pepin, but he became known by the honorific Martel, which means “the hammer”) came up with two astounding innovations.

First of all, Martel invented the English language to serve as the common tongue for all the lands he subjugated. And by “invented” I mean “codified into written language.” His grandson, Charles the Great – or Charlemagne – was the first ruler to keep a journal in English.

Secondly, Martel founded his own Church – the Catholic Church. His descendants would later force the Roman Church to adopt this abomination; a religion dedicated to slaughter, pillage, and the enslavement of the human race. They also devoted an incredible amount of time and resources to burning people alive as sacrifices to satan (a word that means “adversary”).

The Catholic Church was not much interested in saving souls or otherwise acting in accordance with the teachings of a pacifist Jesus. The Pepins were completely devoted to plunder and bloodletting. Of course, they would look to their newly invented Church to provide divine inspiration for their actions, and the Church (often under the rule of one of the Pepin’s family, or their business partners), would issue proclamations, papal decrees, and even forge documents to give the Pepins what they wanted.

Charlemagne once had 4,500 Saxon villagers tortured; entire families murdered – many by being disemboweled alive, in front of their loved ones. He had invaded Saxon lands and found them filled with prosperous communities who thrived by farming, hunting, fishing, and foraging. They also had some fairly amazing craft - as well as mad metallurgical - skills. They built sturdy structures which lasted for generations with little need for maintenance. To ill-tempered, blood-thirsty tyrants like Charlemagne, these people HAD to be RICH. There was no poverty to be found in their lands! And those wretched people just REFUSED to hand over ALL THEIR GOLD! No amount of torture, no crimes against human dignity, no horrid acts of brutality could convince them to bring out their treasure. The reason he’s known as “the great?” He set the greatest precedent for how Christians were to treat non-believers. And his partners in crime, the Catholic Church, were anxious to issue edicts to bless these atrocities. Papal treasuries don’t fill themselves, y’know.

Charlemagne was so important to the Catholic Church that it began to date documents from the start of his reign. Previously, Church documents were dated according to the presiding pope‘s enthronement. Sometimes there were several, competing popes at the same time. Sometimes there were no popes at all. Which accounts for the histories of these times being quite convoluted. Again, this suggests a ripe area for future investigation.

The Church legalized slavery for non-believers. It codified how much land and treasure would be shared when heathen lands were over-run by the Church‘s mercenaries. Burning people alive as offerings to “satan” was sanctified. Before igniting the sacrificial pyre, the presiding official would say “I commend thy soul to hell!” Jesus sure as fuck did not command that people be burned to death.

Centuries of warfare between Celtic and Germanic Peoples against Roman invaders, and a fanatical obsession with slaughter by the Church, had left much of Europe destitute and under-populated. Which did not leave much for the marauders to pick through.

Reconquista: un teatro sangriento de la fantasía

Everywhere in the Christianized remains of the Roman empire, centuries of civil war and religious bloodlust reduced entire regions across north africa, the levant, and central europe to desolate wastelands, with ruins of villages depopulated through war, famine, and plague being overgrown – pastures becoming meadows, farmlands becoming prairies; abandoned, often burnt-out houses overgrown with moss and ivy.

This is the era when the idea of “the Commons” was developed. Even the nobility – much of it just more ruthless than their subjects, not wiser or more capable – had suffered much during times of plague and famine. There were far fewer people around, and the miserable survivors huddled together to share work, common resources, and their lives. In some places, Commoners were able to live unmolested by rulers or priesthoods for generations, until the elites had recovered enough to seize their lands and force them into wage labor.

In the lands today known as Spain and Portugal, Visigothic Nobility had invaded and set up their reign before the Moors came along. As an illustration of just how badly things were going in the Christian world at that time: in just one battle against the Muslims, much of the ruling Gothic nobility was wiped out, including the king. The battle was a long-lasting defeat, as the Visigoths were a divided and feuding people. They were unable to present a united front to defend against the invaders, and many of the Iberian people who lived under Gothic nobility saw the Moors as liberators.

Many of the poor wretches left alive in the wake of the various calamities of the era clung desperately to their masters, and chose to live in squalid camps surrounding the manors and castles of the Masters. Once settled in, they could try desperately to make themselves of service to their overlords.

Insolence was not tolerated. Unquestioning obedience was demanded of the peasants, literacy prohibited, and being raped by priests and nobles just one of many indignities codified by law.

Priests were allowed to rape the brides they had performed wedding ceremonies for, before their husbands were allowed to take them home. The local aristocrats were allowed to pleasure themselves with any man, woman, or child who crossed their paths. This is the reason why rich males and the Catholic Church are opposed to abortion. They needed the bastard children they spewed all over the peasantry for propaganda purposes; to remind the peasants where they fit into the grand scheme of things. The elites also needed them for future wars. And – who knows? – one of them might turn out to be an asset. A huge, bullying rapist, for example, could be valuable for tax collecting. And an intellectually competent person might be of use for the local lord’s manor, particularly if such a person was petty and ruthless.

The depopulation of Europe did not go unnoticed in the ancient world. The conquest-driven religion of Islam was spreading across lands ravaged by Christian-on-Christian genocide, the local populations and ancient aristocracies unable to field enough professional soldiers to resist. Places where the Church had little influence, however, were able to fend off the invaders. The Islamic invaders made a good argument in favor of their incursions into formerly Christian lands: they were rescuing people from the vile Christian Churches and bringing people civilization.

The lands conquered by Moorish invaders in the Iberian peninsula became famous throughout Europe as places of learning, and prosperous peasants, merchants, and aristocrats sent their children to Toledo and Seville to be educated in science, letters, and math. Lebanon and Syria likewise were centers of learning for hundreds of years, while most Europeans were reduced to mucking through the mud for sustenance. This Islamic intrusion was intolerable to Church and Kings alike. Something had to BE DONE!

Pope Baby Raper issued proclamations offering free passage to heaven for anyone who died fighting against the Muslim invaders. This is generally not a great idea, as it emphasizes the dying aspect to combat, as opposed to surviving the conflict.

Later, Pope Bloody Bastard proclaimed to a gathering of Catholic Church bishops that all sins – even the most high sins of murder or heresy – could be absolved by taking the lives of heathen, non-believers. And furthermore, anything done to non-believers was neither a crime nor a sin. After preaching this for several years, and finding wildly enthusiastic support for his ideas within the Church, he demanded that the good Christian people of Europe take up arms and make a bloody pilgrimage to the Holy Lands of the bible and free them from Islamic rule. And don’t forget the Jews – they’re non-believers, too!

There was an unexpectedly huge response to this call. Rabble, cutthroats, and murderers from across central Europe gladly took up the cause.

But, you know…the Holy Lands are soooo far away, and there’s these prosperous Jewish neighborhoods, just right there…so Jewish communities were wiped out in Spier, Worms, Mainz, Metz , Prague, Ratisbon, and other cities.

Though most Crusaders (or “vassals of Christ,” annointed by the pope) were satisfied with that and returned home with everything they could steal from their Jewish victims, others continued on to the rallying place for the invasion of the Holy Lands, Constantinople. Along the way, they pillaged a path through Hungary. Zemun and Belgrade were pillaged, as well as the countryside around Nis, before the Hungarian King was able to drive them out of his territories.

The pope had asked his nobles in the Church to send him men-at-arms. Instead he got a murdering, plundering horde. The Byzantine Emperor enthroned at Constantinople was only too happy to round them up and send them on their way.

Once across the Bosporus, the vile force plundered at will – raping, and murdering everyone in their path. With no real command, just bishops urging them onward to Jerusalem, there had been no thought of setting up a supply chain. This created an armed, starving mob, and there are just too many tales about Crusaders roasting and eating babies to ignore.

And all of this happened before they had even seen a Muslim soldier. When the pillaging horde pushed on towards Muslim lands, they were met by an actual Turkish army and annihilated.

Eventually, professional soldiers and low ranking nobles came to join in the pillaging, and all along the eastern Mediterranean coast, one ancient port city after another fell: Antioch, Tripoli, Sidon, Tyre, Acre. The inhabitants were slaughtered or taken as slaves, and everything not nailed down, hauled away as booty. Some Crusaders decided to stay and live in the places they subjugated, since they’d escaped from the crushing poverty and oppression in feudal Europe.

Several Christian domains were established en route to Jerusalem, which was also captured, and all the inhabitants massacred – Muslim, Jew, and Christian alike.

“Kill Them ALL!”

Because there had been no clear leadership, there arose disputes over who should claim which lands, and this left the Christian domains divided, squabbling, and even making war over them. The Crusaders were also not able to offer a united defense against Muslims, who were anxious to drive these heathen, cannibalistic savages from their lands and send them back to Europe or hell, where they belonged. The Crusaders even overran the ancient Christian land of Edessa along the way, exterminating yet another Christian sect not devoted to plundering for the enrichment of the pope.

Over the next two centuries, Islamic warlords arose who would eventually drive the Crusaders away for good. Many of the subsequent Crusades were either attempts to retake Jerusalem or were actually mercenary attacks against Christian cities who the Eastern Roman Emperor or pope had a grudge against.

The most prosperous lands in all Christian Europe were laid waste by a Crusade because the highly literate people of southern France were not loyal to the pope. This was their reward for preventing Islamic penetration into central Europe from Iberia, as well as their punishment for popular literacy. This illustrates one of the major aspects to the continuation of the Roman Empire that led to a great downturn in European civilization. Once finished with a task, the vassal or servant was killed. It’s cheaper than continuing to maintain them, and in the case of architecture, once the skilled craftspeople were dead, their knowledge was gone with them, so that the owner could smugly state that nothing like it would ever be built again.

There were further crusades against Moors in Iberia, and Slavs in northern Germany. There was even a Crusader-vs-Crusader crusade, as nobles and merchants in Genoa and Venice feuded over who controlled Christian domains in the Holy Lands.

It was in the Crusade against the Cathars of southern France that the most influential edict the Roman, Catholic Church has ever pronounced was issued. Having laid siege to one of the cities in the region, the commander of the Crusaders asked the advice of the local abbot. He was concerned that, once the city was obtained, he would have a difficult time telling who were the righteous, pious Catholics, and who were the heretical Cathers Christians.

The abbot’s reply would resound throughout the ages, and is very popular with the armed forces of the Christian world to this very day:

Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.

“Kill them all, for the Lord knoweth them that are His.”

From the 2nd century AD (according to modern reckoning) until the 17th, the grotesquely sadistic, violent rulers of the West were engaged in an all-out war against the pre-existing civilizations of the world. This doctrine of total annihilation found it’s greatest advancement under the guidance of the Catholic Church.

With Much of Europe divided between the Eastern and Roman Churches and the pope eager to unleash his obedient, ignorant armies of slaughter and genocide upon the world, the pope began a campaign of total, bloody war on his unfortunate followers.

Not to be outdone, the Eastern Church launched an even bloodier assault against the Peoples of Asia, and their Russian empire spread the genocidal religion from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific, obliterating civilizations that had stood for perhaps thousands of years. We don’t really know much about those ancient Peoples, because of the complete destruction of their cultures. What we do know is; throughout Christendom, knowledge was reserved for the Church and Nobility, and those wealthy enough to earn their favor. And if the local rulers were less concerned with learning than ruling over their subjects with iron fists, the result would be ignorant, savage assholes in power who NO ONE WAS ALLOWED TO CRITICIZE!

What were the results of centuries of murderous repression and people burned alive in public – all this carried out or condoned by a “religion” that conducted its services in a dead language no one understood, except the clergy?

  • An entire civilization built upon lies, greed, genocide, and rape.

  • Entire countries full of people who view education with mistrust, fear, and even hatred.

  • A civilization which views Nature as evil and unholy, to be brutalized and ravaged – despite the fact that Nature provides them with everything.

  • People who actually believe superstition is any type of knowledge not handed down from the Proper Authorities.

  • Ancient laws passed down from ancient despotic rulers, with slight modification to fool the common people into believing they were innovative.

  • Loss of technologies that built structures standing to this day, some of which are still being used.

  • A Religion of genocide which allows believers to commit any atrocity against non-believers.

  • Worshiping ignorant, violent jackasses as civic leaders.

  • An economy based on plunder and warfare.

And these are the main obstacles preventing people all over the world from overcoming – or even comprehending – the conditions of their slavery to descendants of elites handed down from ancient times to the 21st century.