History is a pack of lies about events that never happened, told by people who weren’t there.” George Santayana

Don’t defend what you have been taught in a school system designed to make you docile, befuddled, and marketable. We know that much of what the education industry forces onto us is crap. And the useful stuff is usually presented in a way that does not make it relevant to the student. The end result is a piece of paper which certifies a former student as being docile and obedient enough for employment.

What do we know about the past? Mostly what we’ve read in books. How much should we trust this stuff? What if it was all make-believe? What if actual historic events have been jumbled in time and location, repeated as fact in several places, over centuries? How would we know?

There have been dissident scholars in the past, over several centuries, who have pointed out that kings of different countries – with different titles and names – were in fact the same person. There are scholars from the 19 th century into contemporary times who believe that the stories we’re told in daily and Sunday schools have been so convoluted as to make more than 1000 years of history irrelevant; a fantasy presented as reality in order to indoctrinate people into submitting to lives of servitude.

To grasp these possibilities as anything more than paranoid conspiracy, I have to ask the reader to keep historic events in mind in a particular era, during which humanity was enslaved by ruthless, savage raiders from Eurasia, for the enrichment of their aristocracies. This time includes the seizure of the commons in England, the discovery of 4/5ths of the world by the Christian kingdoms, the obliteration of cultures and civilizations worldwide, and ends with the inquisitions, which wiped out generations of accumulated folk wisdom, libraries, and the living memories of people who had seen some of the other land’s actual cultures, prior to their destruction.

After all this had cleared the slate, so to speak, Christian monks began writing much of what we think of as recorded history. Many supposedly ancient documents do not survive today in any form older than this period. As mentioned above, entire libraries were burned over the years. And during the inquisitions in Europe, many books – a much rarer commodity in those times – were burned as well, oftentimes along with the owners and authors. Some fields of science, particularly related to medicine and healthcare, are only now recovering this knowledge in the West. Mostly by learning from the few folks traditions that have survived into modern times.

Before continuing, I just want to add that these cycles of plunder, genocide, and obliteration of indigenous peoples and their cultures haven’t ended.

To further obfuscate what is presented as historic fact, the calendar system used by the West has been “adjusted” several times. There are many, many instances of astronomically aligned stone circles, all over the world, that still accurately depict the passage of time and the cycles of the seasons. This means that thousands of years ago, people could accurately track time, but hundreds of years ago, the calendar had to be “adjusted.” What went wrong? My first guess would be religion.

Literacy in Europe during the time when Christian monks were laboring away their lives by writing out documents and copying manuscripts, was likely somewhere around 2 percent of the population; the clergy, a few of the more intelligent members of the aristocracy, and just enough of their subordinates to make life even easier for the ruling elites.

But – as happens in every long-standing slave-owning society – once a few of the underlings learn to read, next thing y’know, everyone’s writing a book. And with the new-fangled printing press available, the Master Race needed to get their story straight. Then they could impose their bullshit stories by force, on anyone unfortunate enough to be born into their domains.

One of the most obvious examples of make-believe history is the Roamin’ empire. We are told that Romans built a great empire and brought civilization to Europe. They are reported to have built great temples, roads, and aqueducts – all across their domain.

Rome was likely a prosperous trading city before it became overrun by pirates from the Tyrennian sea. It was also the primary place of worship for the goddess Cybil (known as Ninhirsag by the Sumerians, and venerated as Hera by the Greeks) in Europe. These pirates came inland, looking for a good place to hide out from their enemies on the seas and shore, moved in and took over. They likely killed off or enslaved the men of the city and their neighbors, then changed the name of the city to Rome and made up some bullshit story about the city’s founding, before consolidating their power through a kingship.

Romans didn’t really build stuff. They were plundering, raping scumbags who only knew how to kill. They were so adept at it, they were able to build an entire state around it. First as conquerors, later as mercenaries.

The only real industries found in Rome were in pottery, and that was mostly repairing. They didn’t make their own weapons, but bought them from the finest craftsmen in Europe. They didn’t make their own armour, they had it made by Hebrews in Palestine.

Ever seen genuinely Roman-built structures? Made of piles of stones or simple bricks, you can tell it was built by Romans because it is in ruins. Their finest temples – in Rome – are small replicas of magnificent temples elsewhere in the world. Romans were completely incapable of making things like the temple of Ba’al in Baalbek, or the temple of Zeus in Athens. Even their own temples – in Rome – were built by slaves, though they did sometimes think to enslave master stone masons to do the work. And killed them once it was finished to ensure someone else couldn’t one-up them with something even grander, made by the same hands. Then the Roman could brag “There will never be another like it!” As far as Roamin’ aqueducts go, there are such structures all across Rome’s alleged empire. And up into Russia. And in South America. Wow – those Romans roamed a lot, didn’t they?

All of these Roamin’ aqueducts were already there, built by civilizations far older than we’ve been told there were civilizations present. You know how you can tell? Because the basic structure and foundations were built by master craftspeople who didn’t even use masonry to bind the giant stone blocks together. The stone was prepared so precisely, they fit together and stacked up well. There were even elements to these building techniques that enabled the structures to survive all but the strongest earthquakes.

And another thing – where did the Roamin’ legions learn engineering? There were no universities or other centers of learning and knowledge in ancient Rome.

Architecture during Rome’s alleged empire had devolved to the point that they needed external buttresses in order to hold up 6-story brick-and-mortar walls in the 8th century.

As stated above, the Roamin’ people who were setting up a hide-away to live lives of splendor, far removed from their enemies, moved up the Tiber river from the central-west coast of Italy. Very likely they were Etruscans, as these were the predominant
pirates and settlers in the area at the time of Rome’s “founding.”

We don’t know much about Etruscans. Which is odd, because a great many artifacts from their culture have come down through the ages. Coins, tablets, and murals with inscriptions are available in abundance from the Etruscans. But – gosh-darnit! – linguists,
anthropologists, and other scientists just can’t decipher the alien script. Unless they are familiar with early, proto-Cyrillic alphabets and can read modern Russian.Then, they don’t even have to be a scientist, they can just read it, no translation needed.

Seriously. Ancient Etruscans used an archaic form of Cyrillic and spoke a language similar enough to modern Russian to need no translation.

Why? Why the pretence of ignorance, which persists even now, despite overwhelming evidence that the Etruscan script is rather blatantly easy to read? This is creepy.

Want another example of blatant falsification? Ever heard of the Book of Enoch? Enoch was a patriarch of the early Hebrews. Supposedly Noah’s grandfather, Enoch was a high priest and scribe for one of the primary gods of Mesopotamia. The one who allegedly genetically engineered homo sapiens-sapiens, and made his and our species interbreedable.

Enoch left us a book of “wisdom” and doom. He is categorized as a prophet because he foretold events that later transpired. The main event being the flood which almost completely destroyed human civilization.

He secured for Noah a design for a ship that could survive the raging torrent to come, and told him to keep a few of whatever livestock and wild game he valued.

But the point I want to bring to your attention is that much of the alleged “wisdom” of the new testament – particularly in the letters and acts of the apostles – are absolute plagiarisms of the Book of Enoch, which the Hebrew scribes included in their liturgy, whereas most modern Jewish clerics do not. This includes a stand-alone comment condemning women to second-tier status. There is no context for it, Enoch (or Noah – part of the book is dictated in Noah’s voice) just offers that women are not so great, when all is said and done. He wasn’t listing duties and responsibilities for women, nor giving women instructions on upright behaviour, he just suddenly blurted out: “I assure you, no woman has ever ordered a mountain to move and a mountain has obeyed.”

This seems to be the sole pre-biblical justification for eliminating the place of women in the priesthood. Until the Abrahamic faiths arrived on the scene, high priestesses were often living incarnations of the goddesses they venerated. They bestowed kingships, gave birth to demigods, interceded with the other gods on humankind’s behalf, sometimes ruled as warrior-queens, and could elevate a mortal to godhood, as Cleopatra allegedly bestowed godhood on Julius Ceaser. Enoch did not elaborate on this topic, just made a quick aside and went on with his narrative.

In the 1883 translation of the Book of Enoch, by Richard Laurence, there are 9 pages showing side-by-side examples of plagiarism by the author(s) of the new testament. And I’m certain there are more that aren’t as blatant. The author, after all, was a believer.

The last example of historic shenanigans I want to bring to your attention is Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt.

In the 1600s, a French scholar traveled to Egypt to have a look at it’s ancient wonders. He described the pyramids of Giza as being in such fine condition, they appeared to have been completed within the past few years. In short, they looked like newly-created structures.

I’m not trying to imply they are not truly ancient in origin, rather they were well-preserved into the 19th century. Then Napoleon came in with his army and had the pyramids dissembled, their stone facings used to enhance his own constructions.

He also had a regiment of soldiers line up in front of the Sphinx and fire their guns at its face for an entire day. What a looney!

History is a complete sham. It’s all a load of crap, and we have not been given even a faint glimpse of what the lives of our distant forebears resembled. But, thanks to dissident scholars and the internet, this information is seeping out. We should take this opportunity to research and publish evidence of these lies, and refuse to follow the lead of the lying scumbags who make their livelihood by forcing their bullshit upon us. I doubt the Master Race is going to allow the free flowing of this type of information sharing to continue for long.

if you want to really blow your mind with some alternate history books, i cannot recommend the works of Russian mathematician Anatoly Fomenko highly enough. i can’t say i agree 100 percent with his work, but his series of books History: Fiction or Science? will cause you to doubt just about everything you’ve been taught about the story of human experience on planet earth.

"The whole educational and professional training system is a very elaborate filter, which just weeds out people who are too independant, and who think for themselves, who don't knopw how to be submissive and so on - because they're dysfunctional to the institutions." -- Noam Chomsky