Title: Letter from Sheffield Anarchist Group
Date: 1996
Source: Retrieved on May 13, 2013 from web.archive.org
Notes: Published in Organise! Issue 43 — Summer 1996.

Dear Organise!

Mayday was extra special in Sheffield this year, because it also marked the opening of the brand new “Red and Black Centre” here.

It was only a couple of months ago that we decided to look for premises to set up a place for meetings, bookstall and infoshop, creche, cafe etc. Things moved fast. We all made monthly pledges of what we felt we each could afford. We found a space that we could afford to rent, and moved in just after Easter. Since that time, various members of the Sheffield Anarchist Group, Sheffield Solidarity Federation and others, have been working hard to get the place ready for a 1st May opening (the place was a bit of a tip to start with). Well, we did it, and the centre had it’s grand opening On May 1st 1996. It was a big success. The centre looked great, after all the efforts of the group, with anarchist banners and posters from Sheffield and all over the world. About 60 people came, including members of the Leeds Anarchist group and some from Bradford. We heard talks on the origins of Mayday, on What is Anarchism, and on the centre itself. There was also an bookstall, an exhibition about the Spanish Revolution and a bar. We drank, ate and socialised until late. This was only the first of a series of events to mark the opening of the centre. On Thursday we showed some videos, including the famous Poll Tax Riot, featuring the Sheffield Anarchists among many others! On Friday, there was Anarchist Bingo and an Anarchist Quiz, courtesy of the Leeds Anarchist Group. On Saturday, we held an anarchist bookfair in the afternoon followed by an evening of music, and socialising. Finally, on Sunday, we all met for a picnic in Endcliffe park.

We are planning more events for the future. We will keep you informed!