Title: The Declaration of Joseon Revolution
Author: Sin Chaeho
Date: 1923
Source: https://en.wikisource.org/
Notes: The declaration of Joseon revolution(《조선 혁명 선언》), also known The declaration of Organization of Righteous Bravery(《의열단 선언》) is a declaration written by Korean historian, independence activist, anarchist Shin Chaeho in 1923. Shin was opposed to diplomatic method for independence, and he asserted violent struggle. In this declaration, Shin's opinion is appearing on the surface. The Organization of Righteous Bravery(의열단), Korean anarchist underground organization printed this and used it for the member's must book.







Japan the burglar removed the name of our country, snatched our political power, deprived all requirements for subsistence. As they plunder the factors of production such as woodlands, marshes, railroads, mines, fisheries and light industrial materials, the whole operations functions were hacked by a knife and chopped by an axe. The increasing of taxes such as land taxes, house taxes, population taxes, livestock taxes, birthday taxes, local taxes, liquor taxes, fertilizer taxes, seed taxes, business taxes, cleanness taxes, income taxes and other sundry taxes is sucking our blood. The decent merchants have became a middlemen who are mediating Japanese manufactures to Joseon people, and they are going to ruin under the principles of capital intensive step by step. The greater part of the people, in other words, general peasantries are plowing with blood and sweat. But they cannot reserve any of a year's income for themselves and their wife and children's bare livelihood. And they become just the horses and cattle which are fattening Japan the burglar, the enemy which is planning to devour us. Japanese colonizers are increasing every year not to let us make a living like even horses and cattle. Thus Japs[1] are so annoying that our people don't have any territory to step on. Then all of us are driven to the mountains or the waters, to west Gando or north Gando,[2] to a wilderness of Siberia and become starving phantom or roaming ghost.

Japan the burglar commits the rule of the saber so wickedly that our nation cannot do anything, even take a step. And there is no freedom of speech, no freedom of the press, no freedom of association, so if we have any resentments and resentments of agony, we can nothing but try beating our chests. We are blind to the world of happiness and liberty. We are sending our sons and daughters to the slave training center whose name is 'school' saying "The Japanese language is our language, Japanese alphabet is our alphabet." When reading Joseon history, we should read the distortions by Japan such as "Dangun[3] is the brother of Hayasusanoo-no-Ohokami[4]," "The area south of the Han River was Japanese territory during the three kingdoms era.[5]" When we read the newspapers or the periodicals, they all say half-Japanizated enslaved presses which are praising burglary government. If there are intelligent youngsters, they must be on a backslide of pessimistic despair or be under detention by a pretext of "treason and plot" and be tortured with all sorts of severe punishments, which are not contained even the barbaric monarchy's penal code, such as leg-screwing,[6] wearing a cangue,[7] enchaining foot, torturing with red-hot iron, whip, electricity, picking fingernails and toenails with a needle, fastening the limbs, pouring water into the nostrils, hammering a wick in the crotch. And they must be dead by the torture. Even though they could step out a prison gate alive by good luck, they must be disabled cripple forever. If it would not be so, an inventive and creative instinct is ruptured by subsistence's suffering, a progressive and active spirit is vanished by an occasion's pressure. Being restricted, whipped, maltreated, oppressed, we are forced to be silent without "a whimper or tweet." Thus the whole land of Korea[8] became no more than a gigantic jail, our nation lost not only an awakening, but also an instinct and became the machinery from the slavery, so we became nothing but the burglar's supplies.

As Japan the burglar regards our lives as bits of straw,[9] we cannot mention all of wicked acts done by Japanese army in our 13 provinces where our righteous armies[10] arose after Eulsa[11]. Lately, after March 1st[12], Japan is massacring inhabitants, burning down hamlets, outraging women, cutting heads off, burying alive, burning at the stake, chopping men into pieces, racking a child, ruining the vagina in everywhere, from internal places like Suwon, Sonchon, to the north Gando, west Gando, Russian territory[13], Primorsky[14]. Thus they use disastrous methods as far as they can, and they are pressuring our nation with terror and horror to make us the "living dead".

Being based on the facts as mentioned above, we declare that Japanese burglary politics, namely the rule by a different people is the enemy of our Joseon nation's existence. Concurrently, we declare that the revolutionary means which is slaughtering the enemy of our existence, Japan the burglar is our justifiable means.


Who are the fellows persisting internal independence or political rights or autonomy?

Did you forget the dark history, the pledge which was taking "Oriental harmony", "Korean independent conservation" as security was consuming the whole land of Korea?

Do you not see the reality that "20 million lives fell into hell" because the declarations that repeatedly declared "protection of Korean people's life, property and freedom" did not come to pass? After March 1st, Japan the burglar order one or two traitors to shout such a crazy remark like this to weaken our independence movement. Hereupon, how can't the people who follow this blindly be the blind or the sly?

Even if Japan the burglar has magnanimous magnanimity and is willing to allow our claim, internal independence without varieties of privileges make our Joseon nation nothing but a starving phantom, doesn't it? Let us suppose that we acquire political rights. How can you escape Asa by electing a few slave representatives as colonial people of the capitalist bureaucracy that exploits the blood of your own proletariat? Let us suppose that we obtain the autonomy. Regardless of what kind of autonomy there is, as long as the name of Empire, which is Japan's sign of robbery and aggression, exists, how can the Korean people under Japanese rule maintain their national survival in the vain name of autonomy?

Even if Japan the burglar became Buddha or Bodhisattva[15] to abolish the government-general overnight, return all of our rights and interests, even if we leave our affairs and diplomacy to our autonomy, withdraw Japanese troops and police at once, recall Japanese colonizers at once, and have just sovereignty in vain, it is impossible for mankind to know Japan as a slave country by knowing the noun of shame.

Who are the fellows crying "cultural movement" under Japaneses burglary politics?

Culture is a noun which means the cumulative effects of industry and civilization's development. The nation which is shorn of the right to live under the economic plunder is doubtful to preserve their existence, to say nothing of cultural development. Though the downfallen Indians and Jews have the culture, the former is keeping the remaining benefits of civilization to continue the religious inheritance of its ancestors by the power of money, and the latter is trying to keep the remaining benefits of civilization freely developed as in the ancient times by the breadth of the land and the population of its people. Like this, a robber who sucks a person's blood and bites a bone marrow? When censorship, seizure, and all the pressures, some newspapers and magazines speak themselves to the wooden table of the Cultural Movement, and they advocate a press or advocate that does not go against the robbery of the robbery. Is it a misery?

Being based on the reasons as mentioned above, we declare that a person who is making a compromise with Japan the burglar, the enemy of our existence or an ideologist who is a parasite on the burglary politics is our enemy too.


There are other advocates while we assert the expulsion of Japan the burglar.

The first is diplomacy. The two hundred and fifty years of Chinese politics have made diplomacy a good policy for the nation, and it is much worse in recent days. The ruling government's policy was to pull the Gap-guk to subdue Bul-guk, and its belief and dependence were spread to the general political society, that is, Japan's hundreds of thousands of lives and hundreds of millions of property all over Kap-oh and Gap-Gang. At the expense of the two nations, they tried to defeat both the Qing and the Rohs, and to carry out the aggressive invasionism against Korea, but those who said, "I love my country. I will try to rescue the nation" are stupid, courageous, greedy officials and nationalists. Throwing the ball, throwing it in petitions or diplomatic missions, to the Japanese government to petition for the lowering and weakening of national taxes. He just waited to decide on the big problem of the bow as the disposal of foreigners and even the enemy. Thus, the Korean people's angered indications of disgrace for the first time in thousands of years after the name of `` Eulsa Treaty '', `` Artistic Merger '', or `` Korea, '' became the soldiers of Harbin's gun, the sword of Jongno, and forest larvae. I did not.

Alas! Our past several scores of history will be spitted at and abused by courageous people and will be heartbroken history by kindhearted people. Nevertheless, the ideas of the governors who go abroad after the national network, first of all, diplomacy is the first article of the first chapter, and the way to incite the independence movement of the Korean people is "the future of the US-Japan War and the Japanese-Japanese War." Opportunity was almost a one-hundred sentence, and the recent propaganda of the Peace and International League by the general public of the March 1st Movement only served as a medium to remove 20 million people's courage to move forward.

The second is preparation. At the time of the Eulsa Treaty, he could not grasp the sovereignty of the papers that seemed to be falling in the diplomatic missions of the Eulsa Treaty. This is happening. But what would war be, without soldiers and without weapons? The forest larvae recruited soldiers without thinking of success or failure in the spring and became commanding captains of the subordinate corps. I guess they are not the courage to do so. "It is a fleeting war to be warned with Japan today. It is full of guns, full of money, full of cannons, and even a minister or a mate." Prepare for the war of independence. As the foreign invasion increased, our shortcomings continued to be sensed, and the scope of the preparatory theory expanded beyond the war to promote education, the commerce and industry, and everything else became part of the preparatory theory. After tracing, each of the branches followed the forests of the West and Northern Islands, hung over by the cold winds of Siberia, and then wandering around South and Beijing, returning to the Americas and Hawaii, and appearing in the trends of the decades. Get ready to burst your throat all over the world! I called for Preparation, but the income was only a few incomplete schools and groups without skills. But not for lack of their sincerity, but by error of the call. These days, Japan the burglar is mistreating us by politics and the economy, so that the economics of our nation is growing more troublesome day by day and all the instruments of production are divested and the way to eat something is dying out. During a period like this, how can we prosper the industry, expand the education? In addition, where and how much we can train the troops? And if we could, it can't be compared with Japanese combat power. All of these are such a bullshit.

Being based on the reasons as mentioned above, we declare renouncing the delusions such as "diplomacy" or "preparation", and that the people take a direct revolutionary means themselves.


To maintain Joseon nation's existence, we must eject Japan the burglar. And to eject Japan the burglar, we must do it by only revolution. There is no method to eject Japan the burglar except revolution.

To be engaged in revolution, which sphere should be commenced first?

In the case of revolution in the old era, the people were the slave of the state and there were special forces who rule the people above them. Thus, the so-called revolution meant nothing but altering the titles of special forces. In other words, namely, it was meaning no more than changing the special force "A" to special force "B". Therefore, the people did not have a direct relationship with the revolution, only to see who is more opposed to the forces of God and the gods, who is more arrogant, who is better, who is worse. Thus, the only purpose of the revolution is to "take the neck of the king and comfort the people", and "the rice of the one lunch and the army of the king as the head of the cadre" became the only bitch of the revolutionary history. It is called the "People's Revolution" because it is the revolution that the people are doing for the people's self. It is the revolution of the people and the heat of the boiling and expansion breaks the notion of numerical comparison. The success and failure of the war breaks the judgment of the war of the Mangyang war, and it destroys the king who has no money, no army, and a million troops and billions of buoyant powers, and chases foreign robbers.

How can people prepare themselves for revolution?

The people are not determined to be a rookie, an adult, or a hero in order to lead the people, "Do not be afraid of the voice of such a furious cry."

The only way for the people to defeat the disadvantages of all complaints, unnatural and unreasonable public improvements for the people is to be the only way to defeat the people. In other words, soon the people who realize it become revolutionary for the whole of the people. It is the first way of resolving the people.

The general public is hungry, cold, tired, painful, crying, crying, crying, paying taxes, prompting bribes, inconvenient behavior, all pressures. If the gospel is to be transmitted to the Dead Sea, the people will shed tears of sympathy, and every one of them will be given to the Asa "The courageous can not stand the rage, the weak can not withstand the pain, they are all gathered on this way and continue to progress and universally spread, When this happens, it will be a day when Japan is going to be forced to leave behind. Therefore, if we enlist our people and overthrow the rule of robbery, and pioneer the new life of our nation, 100,000 soldiers will not be thrown a single bomb, and a hundred thousand newspapers will not rival once.

It is only if the violent revolution of the people does not occur, and if it has already occurred, it is like a stone rolling on a cliff, and it will not stop unless it reaches its destination. In our experience, it is only the activity of special forces in the palace when the special forces fought against special forces, and the soldiers before and after the sacrifice are the ideology of the reading class. Behavior was fervent, but there was no basis for the capacity of the people, and the voice of popular unity was at first glance at the hail of the March 1 movement, but it also did not have a violent center. Even if one of them is extinguished, even though the act of giving a sound that shakes the heavens and the earth, it is also like lightning.

The causes of revolution caused by Japan the burglar are piled up, just like a mountain, in Joseon. If moving forward with the mottos "No life without independence," "Never retreat before outsting Japan," we must accomplish an aim. This cannot be blocked up by a police saber or a military rifle or a gimmick of a crafty statesman.

Naturally, an archive of revolution must be gruesome and courageous archive. Taking a step backward, there is a dark snare behind. But taking a step forward, there is a bright vivacity. Thus progressing with archiving that gruesome and courageous archive is only thing Joseon nation ourselves will do.

From now on, let's start enumerating the targets of our violences, assassination, destruction, rioting,

  1. Governor-General of Korea[16] and the following public servants

  2. Emperor of Japan and the following public servants

  3. spies and traitors

  4. All facilities of the enemy

In addition, each local gentleman or code should not be guilty of significantly interfering with the revolutionary movement, but whoever delays and slanderes our movements in language or behavior must face our violence. Japanese colonizers will become a machine of Japanese burglary politics and become a vanguard that threatens the survival of the Korean people, that is, they will also be driven out by our violence.


A revolutionary way will be carved by the destruction. But this is not the destruction for the destruction, but the destruction for the construction. Therefore, if we don't know how to construct, we don't know how to destroy either, and if we don't know how to destroy, we don't know how to construct either. Formally, the construction is distinct from the destruction. And mentally, the destruction is the construction itself. The first reason why we try to demolish Japanese power is, so to speak, to destroy the rule by a different people. What for? On top of that, Joseon is a foreigner of Japan, which is under the premise of Joseon.

The second reason is to destroy the privileged class. What for? The privileged class of the robbery group, which is the governor of the Korean people, is stressed on it.

The third reason is to destroy the economic plunder. What for? The economy under the predatory system is the one organized for the people to live, and the economic predatory system is destroyed for the development of the people's life.

The forth reason is to destroy the social inequality. What for? There is a strong man above the weak and a nobleman above the lowly. A society with all inequalities becomes a society that plunders, deprives, covets and prey of each other, and at first harms many people for the happiness of the minority. Harm each other's happiness, and the happiness of the whole people is inevitably a numerical void, destroying social inequality to promote the happiness of the whole people.

The fifth reason is to destroy the servile culture. What for? Religion, Ethics, Literature, Art, Customs, and Habits of Traditional Cultural Thoughts. What made the strong and defended it? Isn't it a tool that contributed to the entertainment of the strong? Isn't it an anesthetic that enslaved the general public? The minority class is the strong and the majority are the weak, and the inability to resist the oppression of injustice is because they have been enslaved by the slave cultural ideology. The idea of rights is weak, lacking in the interest of liberty, and only reincarnate in the fate of slavery. Therefore it destroys the slave culture to advocate folk culture.

In other words, `` unique Korean '' `` liberal Korean people '' `` people's economy '' `` people's society '' `` people's culture '' ` biblical rule '' `` predatory system '' `` social inequality '' To overcome the phenomenon of slave culture. Wherefore, a destructive spirit is a constructive argument. Going forward, it will be the sword of destruction, and if it comes in, it will be the flag of construction. If there is no sign of destruction, and there is a foolish thought to build, it will not be possible to dream a revolution even after five hundred years. Now that the destruction and construction are not two people, I believe that there will always be a people's construction before the people's destruction. Currently, the people of Chosun are the only people who are going to destroy Japanese forces with the disabilities of the construction of the new ship. Knowing that the Korean people will be on one side and the Japanese robbers will be on one side, and if you do not perish, I will stand in line on the ruined `` on the bridge, '' and our 20 million people will go on the path of violence by unity.

The mass of the PEOPLE is the major headquarters of our revolution.

VIOLENCE is the only weapon of our revolution.

We will go into the people, we will cooperate with people. And using endless violence, assassination, destruction, rioting,

OVERTHROW the reign of Japan the burglar,

RESHUFFLE every unreasonable regime,

The mankind would not able to apply pressure to the mankind,

The society would not able to plunder the society. We will construct the IDEAL Joseon.

January, 1923

[1] The original word: "딸각발이", which means a person who wears wooden clogs. In those era, Japanese people commonly wear geta, Japanese clogs.

[2] See Jiandao

[3] Dangun. The founding father of the Korean nation. God of Taejonggyo.

[4] God of Japanese mythos.

[5] Three Kingdoms of Korea. the ancient times of Korea.

[6] The original word: "주리", which means a torture twisting the victim's legs with two sticks inserted between them.

[7] See cangue.

[8] The original word: "삼천리". Korean usually call their country this idiom.

[9] Korean idiom which means 'a worthless thing.'

[10] The original word: "의병", See Righteous Army.

[11] 'Eulsa' means the serpent year on Chinese zodiac. In other words, A.D. 1905

[12] See March 1st Movement.

[13] The original word: "노령". "노" means Russian, and "령" means a territory

[14] See Primorsky Krai.

[15] See Buddha and Bodhisattva

[16] See Governor-General of Korea.