Title: Responsibility claim for participation in street clashes on October 19th
Date: October 27 2016
Source: Retrieved on November 3 2016 from https://en-contrainfo.espiv.net/2016/10/27/athens-responsibility-claim-for-participation-in-street-clashes-on-october-19th/
Notes: Translated from Greek by ContraInfo

During the night of Wednesday October 19th we took part, alongside many other groups and individualities, in the street clashes around the Polytechnic in Exarchia, that lasted for several hours with constant attacks with molotovs, stones and fireworks against antiriot police squads.

Street clashes, in any of their forms (exiting university premises through incendiary means, rioting in demonstrations, etc.), are part of the multiform anarchic attack against Power and the imposed normality. Because of their characteristics, this is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate the conflict between anarchy and the world of Power. This is why we support the diffusion of this and other forms of struggle that aim to destabilize and spread chaos until the collapse of the existent.

But we don’t want to limit ourselves in a routine of anticop hate; along with the attacks against the cops, we promote the practice of attack against the structures and symbols of domination, from the most obvious like banks and ministries, to those urban elements that serve the normal function of the metropolis: road signs, traffic lights, cameras, bus stops… as well the representations, symbols and idols of Power in the form of icons, monuments, statues…

At the same time, barricades and attacks on public transportation (buses, trolleybuses, metro… without passengers inside) are forms of interruption of the normal flow of people and commodities, and sabotage against the state and private companies that manage this flow.

All those symbols and structures represent or serve a function of the authoritarian civilization we want to destroy, so they’ll always be a target for us.

We don’t see anarchic violence as a sacrifice or as a revolutionary obligation; instead, we demystify it, we turn it into a banality, we use it in a ludic way, making it obtainable for everybody, without professionalisms or restrictions.

No act of rebellion is useless!

Riots everywhere!

Strength to the prisoners and the persecuted!

-Some hooded kids