Title: Emails from the Uganda Anarchist Democratic Forces (UADF)
Topics: Africa, Uganda
Date: September 2000
Source: http://struggle.ws/africa/uganda/adf1sep2000.html
Notes: www.ugandans.com

Anarchist Rebels attack Police post in Uganda

Anarchist rebels with balaclavas attacked a military police station and burnt it to the ground. Anarchist Democratic Forces (ADF) of uganda have been fighting Yoweri Museveni's military junta from the mountains of the moon in western uganda for 3 years now.

OVER 30 suspected Anarchist Democratic Forces( ADF) rebels attacked Nkooko Police Post in Kibaale killing two policemen and abducting another over the weekend. They also grabbed 20 guns and police uniform. The heavily armed attackers traveling aboard a Tata lorry also set fire to the police post and burnt documents at Nkooko sub-county headquarters. Army spokesman Major Phinehas Katirima told The New Vision(regimes official paper) that the incident took place Saturday morning.

Asuman Mugenyi, the Police PRO identified his dead colleagues as PC Victor Anikanying, the OC of the post and PC Augustine Okware the second in command. Their bodies were still at Kiboga Hospital mortuary by press time yesterday. Katirima said the suspected-armed rebels also abducted 13 Military personnel who were deployed at Nkooko Police post. During the attack, the rebels also addressed the masses in Nkooko trading centre and chanted anti-IMF slogans. The rebels further looted the dispensary of an assortment of drugs.

"The army is pursuing them, we cannot accept this kind of terrorism and we are going to get them," Katirima said. Mugenyi also confirmed that troop reinforcements from Kiboga had been sent to Nkooko. Mugenyi said the abducted policeman PC Banduni, had since escaped from his captors. He said the heavily armed young women and men traveled aboard a Tata lorry stolen from Kiboga.

UADF not adf

Uganda Anarchist Democratic Forces (UADF) is commonly confused to be the "Uganda Allied Democratic Forces". The regime of Lt Gen. Yoweri Museveni has for years come up with names of leadership of UADF and failed to get the true leadership. UADF (Uganda Anarchist Democratic Forces) has no leadership structure just operation commanders. Because of this kind of a revolutionary model, reactionary forces in Uganda are quickly to dismiss UADF as a terrorist organisation or Bandits.

UADF struggle is about a just society with no Class structure. Uganda is a society based on class and land ownership. Free use and equal distribution of Land is one of UADF's causes. Reactionary forces have used an "allied democratic forces (adf)" to contra UADF from the masses. Basically UADF is a revolutionary science in Uganda that has no face, something strange. The regime claims that UADF is run by Islamic fundamentalists, wrong. ADF (Anarchist Democratic Forces) sees any form of religion to be a class structure.

Why anarchist in Uganda? Uganda is a country that has been used and abused by the west for decades. Ugandan elite class has participated and promoted institutionalised oppression upon the poor. Uganda was the hunting ground for slaves during the dark days, courtesy of local elite. Idi Amin and his class of idiots murdered Ugandans over commercial greed. Ten commandments have been used by religious sects "Cults" to murder our people. Today a rebel group is using the same program of religious fanaticism to kill people in northern Uganda. The regime today is using both religion and the gun to manipulate the masses. Uganda is the favourite client of the west in Africa; IMF call Uganda a promising story, 80% of Ugandans income par capita is 6$ annually (that is sick), Ugandan elite is the most corrupt in Africa; presidential candidates have often done time in foreign countries for embezzlement charges.

An anarchist Uganda would create a society based on equality and justice for all; ADF program will be featured on www.ugandans.com soon. Ugandans have been taken hostages in their own country by the military government of Lt Gen. Yoweri Museveni; Political parties are defunct and the country is at constant wars with it's neighbours; Uganda has exported it's social problems to both Rwanda and Congo (DRC). We all know what happened in Rwanda. Today capitalist boys in search of cheaper gems are flooding to Uganda. Uganda and its local agents (compradors) are logging trees and mining Congo on a massive scale. Thugs of UNITA's Jonas Savimbi use Ugandan travel documents to travel around the globe to cash-in their bloody diamond gems.

American military is busy training the Ugandan army to destroy the Anarchist forces; it's not possible to destroy a force that is protected by its people. ADF imaginary bases have been washed with cluster bombs. Interesting, volunteers are flocking to the bases crying "ADF we would like to join your forces"! Today ADF is a highly mobile force that is very disciplined and elusive to pin-down. Propaganda programs sponsored by the regime are quickly to dismiss ADF as a terrorist organisation based in Congo (DRC) and that is why, they the Ugandan army are occupying the Congolese territory. Media staged desertion of leaders by the regime have failed to demoralise the fighters of ADF. All ADF fighters are known as Commanders. Anarchist Democratic Forces operate in cells and are highly motivated by their anarchist revolution. "The Problem we face today is the gullible hungry masses who might be bought by the $ sign" says one female commander.

Our main task today is to infiltrate Congo (DRC) and politicise the Masses of an anarchist alternative; every 2months, a militia group is formed in Congo and they ended up crossing into Uganda looking for our bases (wanting to joining us) we are talking of a militia force armed with spears and bows plus arrows, but because of our new mobile science, a protracted war is on suspension just lightening strikes will do for time being.

Anarchism in uganda is no hoax

Anarchism in uganda is called "Basheya" and is very rooted in the basement people. True..anarchist in uganda for long have been fighting a war of survival. True..for long the ugandan Basheya (anarchist) have not owned the means of publication (confusion) nor propaganda. True the Penthouse class in uganda has been very effective to Contra anarchism. Uganda is a society built on the foundations of religion; a balaclava people would be easily dismissed as bandits.

Today, We are in the process of using publication to inform the world of our cause. For the last two years we have thought of changing the name to Uganda Anarchist Arm(UAA) but the basement people have to all agree. Anarchism in uganda is against an avant garde that owns the means of destruction and manipulation. In the past all our communique have been organically transmitted, With the support of international solidarity anarchism will prevail in Uganda. One thing that our people have been taught is that; being an anarchist is no easy call as they 'll be dark forces every where trying to stop you, including the socialists.

-Sub-delegate Joram