Title: Muslim Anarchist Charter
Author: Yakoub Islam
Topic: Islam
Date: 2005
Source: Retrieved on August 21, 2006 from www.bayyinat.org.ukm][web.archive.org]]

The Muslim Anarchist Charter asserts that:

  • there is no god but God and Muhammad (aws) is God’s prophet and messenger;

  • the purpose of life is to establish a peaceful and loving relationship with The One through understanding and acting upon knowledge of revelation, reason, and God’s signs within Creation and also the human heart;

  • such a purpose requires a wholehearted commitment to learning, where such learning is carried out freely, consciously refusing to compromise with institutional power in any form, be it judicial, religious, social, corporate or political;

  • such a purpose requires the active pursuit of justice with the aim of establishing communities and societies where free spiritual development is uninhibited by tyranny, poverty and ignorance;

  • such a purpose requires an affinity with all peoples who define themselves as belonging to cultures of Judeo-Christian-Islamic origin in which both commonalities and differences are acknowledged and understood, and disagreement engenders debate rather than division and satire but never mockery.

The Muslim Anarchist Charter rejects:

  • fascist forces which seek to enforce a single, absolute truth, including patriarchy, empire, and capitalism.