It is March 4th, the day we will always remember. It has been one year since our friend, comrade, heval, brother, son, and lover Sevger Ara Makno fell Şehîd. Together with two heval from YPG, he took a position on a hill near Berbêne village in an attempt to fight against the Turkish army and its jihadi proxies, and to defend Afrin canton from fascist invasion. Around 8AM, all three of them were hit by an air-strike and lost their lives.

Şevger Ara Makno joined Tekoşîna Anarşist when he arrived in Rojava on January 20th, 2018, and from the beginning, he was very eager to join the people’s self-defense struggle against the imperialist Turkish state and the jihadis that it supports (Daesh, Al Nusra, etc). After constantly showing strong will during military training, Şevger Ara was sent to Afrin as a part of Antifascist Forces of Afrin (AFFA). He had a strong spirit, a big and warm heart, an unforgettable sense of humor, a wide smile, and he always kept the morale of his friends and comrades very high. Here is an excerpt from a letter he wrote to friends before leaving for the front:

..The will-power of the fighters in Efrin is a huge morale and motivation for the people of Rojava, increasing their faith to the revolution, to the movement. These are those days, one of those few times where we can find ourselves in the spirit of the fight, sharing the feeling of comradeship and barricadeships... maybe our group’s presence in Efrin will not make a huge difference or will make, is not sure...but it is sure that the resistance in the fronts will make huge difference on us, for us and for our future.

actually dears what i want to say is: heeeeeeey,alooo what are you waiting for, jump on the truck and come here, we have a fight to win...

hope to meet in the fronts dears, sooner or later

comradely greetings


Şehid Şevger Ara Makno lost his life, and some weeks after that the Turkish army occupied Afrin city. But his spirit stayed with us and always will. To this day, people in Afrin continue fighting in many different ways. In memory of Şehîd Şevger Ara and of all revolutionaries who lost their lives on the way to better tomorrows, we will do our best to keep up the struggle.

We mourn the loss of our dear friend, and we send our condolensces to his extended family and to everyone who had the fortune of meeting this magical being. Şehîd Şevger Ara Makno will not be forgotten. His spirit lives in our hearts, in our souls, and in our fight for equality and freedom.

If your heart is free, the ground you stand on is liberated territory. Defend it!

Şehîd namirin!

Anarchist greetings

4th March 2019, Combat medic team in Baghouz village, Deir Ezzor