Title: Who keeps us safe? We keep us safe!
Subtitle: Solidarity with healers in USA uprisings
Date: September 2020
Source: Retrieved on 2020-10-10 from https://tekosinaanarsist.noblogs.org/post/2020/09/30/who-keeps-us-safe-we-keep-us-safe/

From Rojava to the many communities in struggle on multiple fronts, in so-called USA and beyond: We send our solidarity and especially our love to all those struggling to heal and protect the bodily and psychic health of their comrades. Healthy life is free life–we must never forget that every revolutionary is in essence a healer. To care for our comrades is an expression of the fight to build a world free of domination. Pandemic virus, police chemical weapons, and the smoke of wildfires assail the lungs of the people with every breath, and yet, in every breath is resistance.

We are with you, street medics and all people who wash chemical irritants from the faces of the people, who spread calm and think of their comrades first, who work hard to keep up morale in every situation so that the struggle can advance, and who evacuate the wounded from the front lines when police and fascists assault the community, and then run right back in again.

We are with you, community caregivers of all kinds, who give your healing skills freely to support your people: acupuncturists and massage therapists who help coax the lively spirits back into the bodies of people facing police violence day and night, suicide hotline volunteers, community counselors, mamas and grandmamas supporting their communties both in the streets and elsewhere, holding communities together like they always do, and those whose warmth and kindness makes others turn to them for backup against apathy, despair and defeat! This is for friends who make and distribute food, herbs, masks and hand sanitizer to neighbors, who share information and resources over and over, day after day, doing unglamorous, invisibilized and feminized work to defend their communities from heat and cold, from hunger and sickness! Traditional healers who keep their people’s healing legacies alive as they keep their comrades alive! To Black and indigenous women revolutionaries, who have been practicing healing and giving resistance relentlessly for centuries, and who shine a light on the path to freedom.

We are with you, unions of nurses and medical support staff, whose organizing wrenches from the hands of the bosses not only livable wages and survivable working conditions, but also workable patient ratios and other measures vital to the protection of vulnerable patients!

Against coronavirus and the State, which as usual cedes human lives to economic benefit! Against the cruelty of fascism and the brutal forces of state punishment that protect the fascists! Against the fiery sacrifice of the planet on the altar of capital! Against the fascist state and for free life! For the new world we carry in our hearts!

We send special love and revolutionary greetings to street medics of Portland, Oregon and the Rose Hip Medic Collective. ( https://www.rosehipmedics.org/ ) Give care / take care! This machine heals antifascists! We also encourage those who have not already to connect to local healers and find out how to support their work in your community.

Everywhere that the people struggle for freedom, we are united in the same fight, the same revolution. And so we say to comrades struggling on occupied Turtle Island and everywhere,

Tekoşîna Anarşîst/Anarchist Struggle

September 2020