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To our friends
1: Merry Crisis and Happy New Fear
1. Crisis Is a Mode of Government.
2. The Real Catastrophe Is Existential and Metaphysical.
3. The Apocalypse Disappoints
2: They Want to Oblige Us to Govern. We Won't Yield to that Pressure
1. Characteristic Features of Contemporary Insurrections.
2. There’s No Such Thing as a Democratic Insurrection.
3. Democracy Is Just Government in Its Pure State.
4. Theory of Destitution.
3: Power is Logistic. Block Everything!
1. Power Now Resides in Infrastructures.
2. On the Difference Between Organizing and Organizing Oneself.
3. On Blockage.
4. On Investigation.
4: Fuck Off Google
1. There are no “Facebook revolutions”, but there is a new science of government, cybernetics
2. War against all things smart!
3. The Poverty of Cybernetics
4. Techniques against Technology.
5: let's disappear
1: A Strange Defeat
2. Pacifists and Radicals - an infernal couple
3. Government as counter-insurgency
4. Ontological asymmetry and happiness
6: Our Only Homeland: Childhood
1. There Is No “Society” to Be Defended or Destroyed.
2. Selection Needs to Be Turned into Secession.
3. There Are No “Local Struggles,” but a War of Worlds.
7: Omnia Sunt Communia
1. The Commune Is Coming Back.
2. Inhabiting as a Revolutionary.
3. Defeating the Economy.
4. Taking Part in a Shared Power.
8: Today Libya, Tomorrow Wall Street
1. A History of Fifteen Years.
2. Pulling Free from the Attraction of the Local.
3. Building a Force That Is Not an Organisation.
4. Taking Care of Our Power.
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