Title: Sisters and brothers
Topic: letter
Source: Retrieved on 28th October 2021 from struggle.ws
Notes: Published in Freedom, a South African anarchist magzine that was one of the groups that formed the Workers Soldarity Federation.

Sisters and brothers,

When there is no place for us, no economic exploitation for us, they call us scroungers. When they have a use for us, we are degraded into useless work, crushing our spirit so we accept our endless orders unquestioningly. We must work constantly to earn pitiful wages to consume useless products. When we take our rightful share, they call us thieves — though they deny us any other choice except conform, obey and subsist on what they choose to give us or resist and starve. When we stand up for our humanity, rejecting their right to give orders, they call us ungrateful, wild and extreme, yet they have offered us nothing but the chance to be exploited in a grey, dead world where we have no say, no power, for this we should be grateful? When we try to change things they crush us with the lies of their media and the tear-gas and rubber bullets of their police with their vicious dogs. They destroy us with poverty and boredom, when we resist they call us mindless hooligans.

They give us nothing but endless misery. But we have less and less to lose, less than nothing, and we are not content with sub-human existence, we want to live and we have a world to win. We offer you hope, we your friends, in our just anger. Join with us in the rediscovery of our humanity, and the joy of living.

Love and Anger,

The Liberty group

The Struggle Continues!