Title: Address to the Proletarians of Poland
Author: The Scoffer
Date: 1980
Topics: 1980s, Poland
Source: The Scoffer, Le Frondeur, 03250 Le Mayet de Montagne, France (Poster)
Notes: Translated and distributed by Left Bank Books, 92 Pike St., Seattle, U.S.A. 98101
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In 1970 you wanted everything and at once. You revolted against the misery of the wage system and the oppression of the party bureaucrats. In short, against the discreet charm of ‘socialist’ democracy...

They sent you the militia and the machine gun.

In 1976 you rose again. But you only wanted more democracy. You demanded greater participation in the management of your salaried misery. And already the aspiring managers were offering their services.

In 1980 you demand a free trade union, and here the aspiring managers are legion. The capitalist State recognizes them — this State which knows so well how to draw upon the lessons of the past and which understands the necessity of unions...of all the unions and of all the ‘realistic oppositions’...for its own survival.

Is it despair arising from an apparent impasse which induces you to abandon your lot to others? By allowing the specialists in false contestation to represent you, you allow the state to consolidate itself on your backs at the price of an ignoble blackmail of collaboration.

Having neither country nor party, we stick our noses into your affairs, since they are also ours.


Fuck the representatives of the people, large and small!

Off Democracy!

Long live communism!