Title: Manifesto of the Trans and Nonbinary Socialists Association
Subtitle: Collaboratively written by the members of the TNSA.
Date: September 27th, 2018
Source: https://medium.com/@TransSocialists/manifesto-of-the-trans-and-nonbinary-socialists-association-9c55aec332d6

      Purpose of the Organization

      Points of Unity

      Our Vision

In tumultuous times such as these, we see an ever-growing call for revolutionary anti-capitalist organizing around the world.

But the capitalist world is one hostile to the very existence and well-being of trans and nonbinary people. We must organize to protect ourselves and our comrades. We seek to create through horizontal means an empowering revolutionary network of solidarity and mutual aid, so that we may assist our siblings in their struggles and lay the foundation for revolutionary change in our society. As such, we have formed the Trans and Nonbinary Socialists Association. We declare ourselves against the international and systemic oppression brought about through the capitalist system that has caused such pain to those in our community. As an association of comrades, we will fight to protect and aid both our own members and our comrades in the broader community who face oppression everyday. We as an organization will not stop fighting until all trans and nonbinary people are fully and truly free.

Purpose of the Organization

1) To destroy the barriers that separate us from one another and to unite the trans and nonbinary community.

  • A) To fight for the rights of people of all genders (and lack thereof) within the queer community.

2) To build local chapters and mutual aid networks in cities and communities across the world.

  • A) Build an educational resource network that provides valuable support to trans and nonbinary people; such as voice training, HRT tips, surgery advice, etc.

  • B) To provide material support to trans and nonbinary people, such as gender-affirming clothing, food, housing, etc.

3) To fight state and institutional oppression of trans and nonbinary people.

4) To build self-defense and personal liberation of trans and nonbinary people throughout the world.

  • A) Bring an end to sexual violence against trans and nonbinary people.

  • B) Train trans and nonbinary people in overall self defense.

5) To fight for an end to transphobia, and to wage open opposition to it when it arises.

6) To bring an end to the homelessness, hunger, medical neglect and fear for wellbeing that so many of our siblings face around the world.

7) To build reliable networks of communication between members across the globe to build a shared experience and political consciousness.

8) To oppose fascism whenever it arises, coordinating with community efforts to build anti-fascist coalitions whenever necessary.

Points of Unity

1) There is no universal trans experience. Gender manifests in many different ways, and we are all valid in our gender identities.

2) We will fight transphobia, racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, and all other forms of discrimination.

3) We seek the abolition of the nation-state, and the end of artificial nationalist boundaries between people.

4) We oppose war, and seek the destruction of the worldwide military-industrial complex.

5) The capitalist system cannot be salvaged or reformed. We must completely destroy it and build a socialist system in its place.

6) We fight against the current system of environmental devastation. Decisive mass action is needed in order to limit the mass ecocide and extinction that already is taking hold around the globe.

7) Much of the world is built upon colonialism and slavery, genocide of the highest magnitude. We must push for decolonization and reparations wherever possible.

8) We seek the liberation and equality of our disabled siblings, who suffer under a cruel capitalist system that cares neither to assist nor accommodate them.

9) We seek the worldwide end to the discriminatory and capitalist medical systems, which prevent our siblings from getting the help they need through cost, lack of accessibility, and restrictions on healthcare for trans folk.

10) There can be no liberation without the liberation of all.

Our Vision

We dream of a future world fundamentally different than the present. A world free from oppression, deprivation, abuse, and alienation. We dream of a world where one’s identity is not a label applied to judge and categorize by society at large, but rather a conscious choice of self-advancement and understanding within the world. We dream of a world where labor and wealth do not determine the value of an individual. Above all, we dream of a world of complete and total liberation from all systems of oppression, and the abolishment of all that divides, alienates, and marginalizes our siblings around the world.

We have written this manifesto as a founding document of the Trans and Nonbinary Socialists Association. We shall, to the full extent of our abilities, fight to unite and organize the trans and nonbinary community into a revolutionary and radical anticapitalist force to fight for liberation.

Our brothers, sisters, and siblings: many among us have suffered abuse at countless hands. We have been kicked from our homes, denied healthcare, abused and murdered by the agents of the state, or thrown into the patriarchal clutches of the prison-industrial complex.

To those of us who read this, the lonely, the tired, the young and the old, to the trans and nonbinary people who want nothing more then a better world: join us, and together we can build that better world.

Trans and nonbinary people of the world, unite!