Title: Madison Defends Abortion Access: May 8th, 2022
Subtitle: An Expression of Solidarity
Date: May 9, 2022
Source: retrieved on 5/9/22 from https://distro608.wordpress.com/2022/05/09/madison-defends-abortion-access-may-8th-2020/?_thumbnail_id=65

On the morning of Sunday May 8th, autonomous anarchist(s) set a fire in the offices of a theocratic anti-choice/anti-LGBT lobby group, and tagged the outside of their building with several slogans and a circle A. This action typifies the courageous kind of direct action that will be needed to truly fight off the fascist, authoritarian, menace that we are all facing. Whoever you are, we hope that you are taking care of yourselves, lying low, staying quiet, and ignoring the chattering doubters.

Abortion access is being revoked and criminalized in spite of much-celebrated electoral “wins.” Democrats have declared victory in midterms, the Presidency, and Supreme Court. What we are witnessing is the best electoralism can do for us. Our situation cannot be improved by voting. The tactics endorsed by the last 30 years of polite activism have mostly resulted in unprecedented gains in power for fascists and it is time to discard them. The far right has won its victories through campaigns of terror, violence, murder and bombings, not through respectability politics, peaceful protest, or voting. Militant autonomous direct action is a required element in defeating the rise of fascism; this action should be praised and emulated.

We joyously support militant action that destroys the records, servers, clipboards, and desks used to organize the vile workings of Wisconsin Family Action. This action, and others like it, bring the consequences of the fascists’ actions back to their doorstep. It assesses a monetary and psychological cost for their ongoing campaign of violence, and serves to inspire others to act.

Finally, to those madison liberals who earnestly listened to the pigs’ plea for cooperation: Understand that police will solely act as the militant enforcers of the powerful. Madison’s “friendly” police will be the ones who arrest you or your sister for ordering the morning-after pill as soon as it is outlawed. This is happening all over the US and you would be a fool to think that it won’t also come here. They might put on a sad face while they drag your child away or jail your sister; the local judge might ask you your pronouns when she sentences you, but at no time will any consideration, mercy or ethics outside that allowed by the powerful intrude on the process. Your cooperation today, will doom you tomorrow.

Liberal or leftist- EVERY day is shut-the-fuck-up Friday.