Title: Kievan anarchist’s confession
Author: V3
Date: 14 October 2017
Source: Retrieved on 20th February 2022 from www.nihilist.li

Some part of the pacifists-vultures, «colorados» from the left-wing and other objective defenders of interests of imperial Russia, have got an exciting occupation. They have addled my brain. I have decided to help them with it.

I believe that the bourgeois revolution has won in Ukraine at 2014. The bourgeoisie has overthrown the power of a corrupt bureaucracy and is trying to run the country. That’s why the president-bourgeois Poroshenko puts managers at various departments in charge. Some bourgeoisie arm and often lead volunteer units in the East.

The political reason for the fall of the power of the Yanukovych «family» was the breaching of obligations by the authorities to the classes. Parliament adopts a budget, keeping in mind the criticism and the wishes of groups of influence. The government secretly steals, but does not kill the poor. The authorities can ignore or press the protest, but torture and murder in relation to the dissenters should not be used. In January 2014, the government violated all these rules and lost «legitimacy» in the eyes of the people.

The economic cause of the collapse was «corruption rent». The «family» was so greedy that the Ukrainian economy was already on the verge of collapse. Public expenditure was financed by loans. By the autumn 2013, without borrowed money, the country was doomed to default.

Events in the Crimea and in the East were classic counter-revolution and intervention in one bottle. In Russia, there is a similar regime of bureaucratic kleptocracy, which acted as the suzerain of Yanukovich. To demand peace and an agreement with the Russian Federation — to give guarantees that the bourgeois revolution will be strangled by political methods. There are no other tasks for Russia and the clients of the owners of Donbass and cannot be.

The counter-revolution acquired the character of a clerical-conservative reaction. In the Donbass, we see the realization of the very «conservative revolution» that the far-right thinkers of the West and the East have long dreamed of. The ideology of the DPR / LPR is an original form of Russian totalitarian nationalism. That is, it is fascism in the «anti-fascist» wrapper.

The current regime in Russia is a less terrorist version of the realization of this same fascist political ideal. The population of Russia has supported the legal regime for many years. Because it is beneficial to the unit, and the other is a victim of massive propaganda. Yes, Russians are to blame for what is happening. Guilty, like the Germans are genuinely fond of Hitler, the Hungarians prayed for Horthy or the Italians who supported the imperial wars in Africa. The decay and collapse of Mussolini’s regime was associated with military defeats and overstrain of forces. The fascists were swept away by the uprising, which was provoked by the Allied invasion and unacceptable losses to the society in the war.

The European and Russian leftists have proved that the «realistic» left movement is dead. A significant, if not a large part of it, thinks not in class categories, but in the categories of «anti-imperialist» geopolitics. They are ready to explain the uprising in a multi-million country «by a conspiracy of the CIA». And so the present unity of post-Stalinists with the pro-Putin European fascists is very revealing. They think in one category, sometimes, without blandness, they speak with one voice about the «Jewish conspiracy».

The main external beneficiaries from the preservation of corruption regimes in Africa, Asia and Europe are the EU capitalists. It is in their banks that the rulers of «sovereign» Uganda, Ukraine and Russia hold money.

Maidan is one of the revolutions similar to the «Arab spring». The Arab Spring was directed against so-called very «anti-imperialist», but quite servile to the bureaucracy of the EU leaders. For neither the US, nor the EU, are these revolutions profitable.

EU politicians are responsible for the bloodshed on February 18th-20th 2014 in Kiev. It was their unwillingness to take personal sanctions against the «family» that convinced Yanukovych that it was possible to use weapons.

From the point of view of the ideology of successive Marxists, the support of the DPR / LPR is simply impossible. If the revolution and progress for them are not «dialectical» but real meaning, then they should join the Armed forces. Go ahead, gentlemen.

Fascists received weapons, but are forced to implement the tasks of protecting and building a bourgeois nation. That is not what they saw in their totalitarian racist dreams. On the one hand, we can assume that in the future they will become a tool to eliminate the objectionable. On the other hand, current events can lead to the final collapse of the concept of «social-nationalism». It is very difficult to remain a white Aryan warrior if in your unit the Uzbek, Azerbaijani, Armenian, Jew are fighting, and comrades-in-arms are singing soviet russian song «Katyusha» with pleasure.

Anarchists cannot have an unambiguous attitude to the war in the East. This is the war of the bourgeois state against the reactionary empire. It seems that the anarchist should be on the side of the revolution. But the purpose of this revolution is the building of an effective bourgeois state with very low corruption rent. It’s strange goal for anarchist. On the other hand, we see Putin’s authoritarian regime, which more and more resembles the fascist pre-war regimes, and the juntas of the LPR and the DPR have been fascist entities. It seems to be worthwhile to support the anti-fascist struggle. But not every anti-fascist struggle is a priority. Between capitalism and fascism it’s strange to choose capitalism.

Personally, I feel that, in World War II anarchists divided into those who opposed all parties to the conflict and those who joined the bourgeois army in order to fight against fascism. It was a total war. At the moment the war between Ukraine and Russia has not reached that degree of confrontation. In case of a full-scale attack by the Russian Federation on Ukraine, I believe that everyone can make their own choice. I will not condemn a deserter, but I decided that I will not shirk military recruitment. Because it will be a war for your freedom and mine, and not for the state. As a soldier, I am as useful as an ashtray on the motorbike, but this is my choice, that I don’t want to foist on anyone.