Title: A little bit about “partial”
Date: 21 September 2022
Source: Retrieved on 9th March 2023 from avtonom.org
Notes: Original translation.

In my honest opinion, “partial mobilisation” means that whoever is caught will be sent. And it is understandable why Putin has chosen this option. The “Prussian system”, i.e. one soldier to ten people, including women, children and the elderly, is not something the Russian Federation can pull off. The USSR pulled it off, like the Third Reich, but the Russian Federation won’t. First of all, everything has fallen apart, and secondly, most of the people to be drafted do not live where they are registered and simply will not be found. However, it is possible that the “second” is simply an integral part of the “first” — it is not so important. Anyway, the question of fourteen million soldiers, even in civilian clothes and with bells and whistles, is out of the question. But it is possible to catch three hundred thousand. Especially since such a catch can last for a long time. They caught a hundred thousand, killed and maimed them in six months, but in the meantime they have caught the same number of them and sent them as replacements. This will be “partial mobilization”.

In other words, a twenty-year-old who doesn’t live in the same place where he is registered and looks around attentively will be drafted. And the 45-year-old who has opened his mouth at home will go to the front or replace him on the home front. Unless, of course, he runs away.

Desertion is now punishable by a term of imprisonment. But I don’t think we have enough prisons and camps for all the deserters. And our bureaucratic machine works like hell. So they will be put in jail selectively and not always for those who have really deserted, and not just for those who have been handed out. The same will be true for the simulators (i.e. “mowers”) and the maimers, who are also entitled to an article.

An article is an article, but rumour has it that the number of ‘how to break an arm’ searches on the internet has increased. In reality, in order not to become cannon fodder, you don’t have to break an arm, but a system. However, this is a separate topic.