Title: Credo
Topic: poetry
Date: 1920
Source: https://www.libertarian-labyrinth.org/anarchist-beginnings/walter-everette-hawkins-credo-1920/

I am an Iconoclast.
I break the limbs of idols
And smash the traditions of men.

I am an Anarchist.

I believe in war and destruction

Not in the killing of men,

But the killing of creed and custom.

I am an Agnostic.
I accept nothing without questioning.
It is my inherent right and duty
To ask the reason why.
To accept without a reason
Is to debase one’s humanity
And destroy the fundamental process
In the ascertainment of Truth.

I believe in Justice and Freedom.
To me Liberty is priestly and kingly;
Freedom is my Bride,
Liberty my Angel of Light,
Justice my God.

I oppose all laws of state or country,
All creeds of church and social orders,
All conventionalities of society and system
Which cross the path of the light of Freedom
Or obstruct the reign of Right.