1. Opposition to capitalism and all states as structures of domination and exploitation by the ruling class of capitalists and rulers.

  2. Opposition to all forms of oppression: racism, sexism, homophobia, imperialism, environmental destruction etc. The State and capitalism are the primary causes of these special oppressions.

  3. Opposition to coercive authority. Support for individual freedom so long as this does not limit the freedom of others.

  4. Mass action and revolution by us the workers and the poor is the way to defeat capitalism and the state and all forms of oppression.

  5. Only the working class, the working peasants and the poor can create a free society because only we do not exploit.

  6. The trade unions and democratic working class civics will be the vehicle of the revolution. The unions must seize and democratically manage the factories, land, mines, and offices

  7. The aim of the revolution will be to create an international stateless socialist society run by worker and community councils, defended by a democratic workers militia.

  8. The role of the WSF is not to “lead” or rule the masses but to educate and organise the toiling masses to make the revolution by and for themselves. We work within existing trade unions.

  9. We support all forms of progressive struggles that improve our lives.

We proudly stand in the mass tradition of Anarchism/ Syndicalism. Our movement has historically attracted millions world-wide, because it serves the needs of the workers and poor, not the power- seekers and exploiters.