Title: In support of metro strikers
Topics: australia, strike
Date: 21 August 1998
Source: Retrieved on 29th October 2021 from struggle.ws
Notes: This was a statement of solidarity with strikers at Metro in Australia issued by the WSF in reply to a request.

Greetings to our fellow workers,

We have heard of your struggle against the attacks by Metro.

We send solidarity greetings. We wholeheatedly support your struggle.

Across the world, workers are under a concerted and brutal attack. Union-bashing, casualisation, wage cuts and longer hours- these are the hallmarks of capitalism in the 1990s.

Against the “globalisation” of business, and the economic rationalism of capitalism and the governments, workers must fight for the “globalisation” of resistance, and international solidarity in defence of basic rights.

All workers, in all countries, have the same needs and the same interests. Evry time the bosses and rulers defeat a single workers struggle, we all lose out.

We, and no doubt our sister organisations, such as the Industrial Workers of the World in Austrlia, stand by you.

Your struggle is our struggle, your fight our fight. We will help in any way we can.

Unity and solidarity can win. Even the most ruthless atttacks from their side against ours can be turned back.

The recent successes of the MUA provide an inspiration, but the battle has just begun.

Comrades- defend, consolidate and advance your struggle and union.

Build today for a better future tomorrow.

Only the workers can free the workers.

This solidarity statement is from the Workers Solidarity Federation in South Africa. We are a libertarian socialist/ anarcho-syndicalist organisation. We support workers struggles, and we believe that the workers should control production through democratic trade unions.