Title: Statement in support of Irish national day of action against racism and deportations
Date: 25 April 1998
Source: Retrieved on 29th October 2021 from struggle.ws

To Minister John O’Donogue

On behalf of the Workers Solidarity Federation of South Africa I would like to convey our organisation’s anger at the attempts of Irish government to scapegoat harrass and deport asylum seekers.

I would further like to express our organisation’s solidarity with the day of action called for the 25 April in opposition to these government policies.

Asylum seekers are fleeing economic social and political oppression. To visit further persecution upon them is unjust. To deport them back to the horrors from which they are seeking to escape is unjustifiable. That almost all deportees are drawn from working and poor social groups further underlines the bias in such actions.

All people should have equal rights — of free movement of access to social and economic goods of employment — and not simply the wealthy or the middle and upper classes.

Discrminatory asylum policies are not only wrong but they are against the interests of all working and poor people.

  • In solidarity with the asylum seekers

  • In soidarity with the victims of capitalism and greed

  • In solidarity with the vicims of power and oppression

  • In solidarity with the working class and poor of all nations

National Secretariat
Workers Soldarity Federation
South Africa
Suite no. 36
Private Bag X42
South Africa