Workers Solidarity Federation, South Africa

July 1995

Don’t Let Him Die

1. Who is Mumia Abu-Jamal?

Jamal is the victim of a racist frame-up in teh USA. As a tireless ally of teh poor, Black and dispossessed, he won the hatred of the bosses and politicians in Philadelphia. They are determined to silence him.

Jamal is an ex-Black Panther spokesman and a courageous journalist.

2. Why is he facing exceution?

In December 1981, Jamal and his brother BillY were attacked by police. Shot in the chest and savagely beaten, Jamal was then arrested for killing a cop.

Jamal’s trial was a classic case of Southern-style racist “justice”. Critical evidence was covered up. Jamal’s political history was used as evidence for his “guilt”. An incompetent defence lawyer was appointed. An almost all- White and admittedly biased jury was selected. A hostile judge and a corrupt prosecutor rounded off this frame- up.

3. No to racist justice!!!

In 1995 the new Governor of Philadelphia signed Jamal’s death warrant for the 17 AUGUST 1995 BY LETHAL INJECTION.

The USA jails blacks at a rate far higher then apartheid South Africa itself. It has the largest jail population in the world. And almost everyone on Death Row in the USA is Black or Hispanic or poor.

Jamal’s execution is an attempt to silence a brave fighter. It is part of a bigger attack on the struggle of Blacks, workers, women and gays in America.

Support the Mumia Abu-Jamal Campaign (Wits)!!

Follow-up statement on Mumia Abu-Jamal

Workers Solidarity Federation, South Africa

August 1995

Mumia Abu-Jamal Wins Stay of Execution! Mass Action Wins Partial Victory!

On the 7 August Judge Sabo granted a stay of execution for Mumia Abu-Jamal.

This is a victory for the international campaign to save jamal. It is not a gracious gift from the kindness of sabo’s heart.

It is important to keep up the fight, to push for teh retrial and release of Jamal!