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Revolutionary Veteran speaks at Bulgarian anarchist conference

Anarchism in Bulgaria


THE EIGHTH CONGRESS of the Bulgarian Anarchist Federation took place in Sofia last September. Those present included not only the representatives of regional groups but also sympathisers and people who despite their political differences came to salute the anarchists and their congress for their courageous behaviour in the Bulgarian concentration camps under the yoke of the Communist Party.

Stoian Tzolav, who participated on the side of the Spanish anarchists in the revolution of 1936 and who spent many years in the fascist concentration camps of Bulgaria before being sentenced to death (later commuted to life imprisonment) by the Communist Party in 1949, gave a report on the international anarchist movement. Reports were also heard on the problems facing Bulgarian workers in particular unemployment, low wages, 300% inflation, crime and the increasing poverty of pensioners.

The congress decided to struggle

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Published in Workers Solidarity No. 48 — Summer 1996.