Anarchy is an ongoing process to dismantle authority

Anarchy is the relentless negation of structures of domination, the endeavor to carve out little pockets of life free from exploitation and suffering.

Anarchy is the uncompromising push against oppression and the vocal demand for autonomy and self-determination, the rejection of all the classes, institutions and dogmas built to rule people.

Anarchy is above all a practice, not a theory. It is about actively working to end authoritarian relationships wherever they exist, and build non-authoritarian alternatives. It is not about trying to prescribe a way of life for an imagined place and time, and imagined people. It is for real people and dealing with real problems.

Anarchy is a living and breathing practice that we incorporate into our everyday lives. A personal stance against domination that informs all our decisions and thus shapes the trajectory of our existence.

There is no end-goal to anarchy. It is ongoing, unending action against hierarchical structures and the authority figures who sit in luxury at the top of them.

Anarchy is a desire for freedom from tyranny. Anarchy is countless generations of disparate people with the drive to be freer than they are under the systems that forcibly govern them.

Anarchy is the rejection of government, states, borders, capital, patriarchy, gender essentialism, slavery, ideology, the right wing, the left wing, the clergy, democracy, private property, technocracy, nuclear family, humanism, imperialism, prisons, factories, founding fathers, bureaucracy, ethnocracy, heteronormativity, idols, tradition, policing, neuronormativity, ecocide, civilization and every other form of authority.

Anarchy is community gardens, free shops, graffiti, 3D printed guns, naturism, vegan potlucks, squats, food forests, sabotaging pipelines, free software, liberating cows, shoplifting, heirloom seed saving, forming autonomous zones, assassinating tyrants, guerilla gardening, writing zines, catching rainwater, burning ballot boxes, postering, biodiversity, abolishing whiteness, hacking, aquaponics, music making, upcycling, torching police stations and seed bombing wildflowers all across the landscape.

An anarchist is anyone who refuses to be governed, dominated, ruled by anyone and anything. An anarchist is an angry, bitter, lost, anxious, disillusioned, violent, peaceful, courageous, idealistic, captivating, fearless dreamer.

An anarchist stands alone against the giant tide of authority that rises in every direction. Anarchists connect with every battered downtrodden soul in concerted attack against the ruthless systems designed to disempower and alienate us.

Anarchy is marred in endless contradiction, existential dread and insufferable internal conflict and yet anarchy makes perfect sense to anyone who is appalled or enraged by the gross injustices that engulf this little blue planet. Anarchy is for anyone who seeks to live with any kind of dignity.

Anarchy is an impossible, preposterous pursuit yet necessary for our very survival.

Anarchy is--