1. Address to the Proletarians of Poland (The Scoffer)
  2. El Salvador and Poland: Two Paths to Revolution (Various Authors)
  3. It’s Us They’re Shooting In Warsaw / Under the Polish Volcano (December, 1981) (Various Authors)
  4. Poland 1980: Won’t Get Fooled Again / Meet the New Boss (Joey Stalin)
  5. Poland, 1982 (Collective Inventions)
  6. Poland: Communique of the Emmanuel Goldstein Group (Various Authors)
  7. Poland on the Edge: Revolution or reform? (Various Authors)
  8. Poland: Return of the Anarchists (Brian Amesly)
  9. Poland: Triumphs and Defeats (Various Authors)
  10. The Summer Strikes in Poland, 1980 (Echanges et Mouvement)
  11. Two articles on Poland (Howard Besser, Terry Downs)
  12. Who are the Workers in Polish Solidarity and what do they want? (Andrzej Tymowski)