anarchist movement

  1. A difficult subject (Anonymous)
  2. Anarchism, Anarchy, Anarchists (David Wieck)
  3. The Anarchist Movement in Japan, 1906–1996 (John Crump)
  4. The Broken Teapot (Alex Gorrion, Angustia Celeste, Anonymous)
  5. Concerning The Trial (Tasos Theofilou)
  6. December is a result of social and political processes going back many years (Alkis)
  7. For Mass Struggle and Subversion (Anti-System Cores)
  8. The Meaning of Anarchism (Gabriel Kuhn)
  9. Prioritizing Kids in the Anarchist Community (amberraekelly)
  10. Proudhon’s influence in Belgium: nationalism and culture (Erik Buelinckx)
  11. Reply by several Russian Anarchists to the ‘Platform’ (Lia, Molly Steimer, Roman Ervantian, Schwartz, Senya Fleshin, Sobol, Voline)
  12. The Revolutionary Movement in Spain (M. Dashar)
  13. Sexism In The Anarchist Movement (Angela Beallor)
  14. The Spring of Social Centres (Alessio L.)
  15. Towards the Creation of an Anarchist Movement: From Reactive Politics to Proactive Struggle (Beggar)
  16. Venezuela and the “Bolivarian Revolution”: Beacon of hope or smoke and mirrors? (Shawn Hattingh)
  17. Venezuela — Now more than ever (El Libertario, various authors)
  18. Why Insurrection? (Alfredo M. Bonanno)