animal liberation

  1. Against the War on Terrorism (Peter Gelderloos)
  2. Animal Liberation and Human Liberation (James Hutchings)
  3. Animal Liberation and Social Revolution (Brian A. Dominick, Joseph M. Smith)
  4. Animal Liberation: Devastate to Liberate, or Devastatingly Liberal? (Anonymous)
  5. Apes of Wrath (Bob Black)
  6. Beyond Animal Liberation (subversive energy)
  7. Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching (Anonymous, Edward Abbey)
  8. The Field Guide to Anti-Hunting (Anonymous)
  9. Grand Jury Investigations, FBI Harassment, and Your Rights (Craig Rosebraugh, Gina Lynn, Larry Weiss, Lindsay Parme, No Compromise, Robert W. Zeuner, Sean R. Day, Shannon R. Keith)
  10. Green Anarchism: Towards the Abolition of Hierarchy (Corin Bruce)
  11. Memories of Freedom (Western Wildlife Unit of the Animal Liberation Front)
  12. Militarization and Civilization: Articles from “Green Anarchist” (Anonymous, Green Anarchist)
  13. A Murder of Crows (Anonymous, Kasimere Bran, Kellen Kass)
  14. Travis the Chimp (M. Megaceros)
  15. Veganism is a consumer activity (Peter Gelderloos)