1. Disaffection, 1797 to 1974 (Wildcat Inside Story)
  2. Fight? for What? Poem read at Old Bailey (Wildcat Inside Story)
  3. GI Revolts: The Breakdown of the U.S. Army in Vietnam (Richard Boyle)
  4. The International Anarchist Congress (Freedom (ed.))
  5. Leaflet for which Tom Mann was jailed in 1912 (Tom Mann, Wildcat Inside Story)
  6. Revived 45: Anarchists Against the Army (Philip Sansom)
  7. Social War By Other Means (Willful Disobedience)
  8. Why Anarchists Oppose Militarism And Nationalism (Boston Anarchists Against Militarism (BAAM), Boston NEFAC)
  9. Witness for the Prosecution (Colin Ward)