1. Anarchism and Taoism (Josh)
  2. A Battle for Life (Ba Jin)
  3. Beyond the Peasant International (Anonymous)
  4. China: Capitalist Discipline and Rising Protests (Anonymous)
  5. The Chinese Anarchist Movement (George T. Yu, Robert Scalapino)
  6. How are we to establish a truly free and egalitarian society? (Ba Jin)
  7. Me, A Dissident? No Thanks: Interview With A Chinese Rebel (Fifth Estate, Mu Xidi)
  8. Nationalism and the Road to Happiness for the Chinese (Ba Jin)
  9. The Theory Of The Individual In Chinese Philosophy: Yang-Chou (Alexandra David-Néel)
  10. Three Essays on the New Mandarins (Kan San, Lee Yu See, Wu Man, Yu Shuet)
  11. Towards an anarchist history of the Chinese revolution (Andrew Flood)