1. A 79 Year Old Woman Who Bowls (Diva Agostinelli, Rebecca DeWitt)
  2. Alpine Anarchist Meets Süreyyya Evren (Süreyyya Evren)
  3. Illuminating Discord: An interview with Robert Anton Wilson (Eric Geislinger, Jane Talisman, Robert Anton Wilson)
  4. Indesirables (Daniel Cohn-Bendit)
  5. Insurrectionary Practice and Capitalist Transformation (Batko Group, sasha k)
  6. Interviews with Kevin Tucker (Kevin Tucker)
  7. Interview with Eric McDavid (Eric McDavid, Jeffrey Luers)
  8. Interview with Individualists Tending toward the Wild (Individualists Tending toward the Wild)
  9. Interview with John Moore (John Filiss, John Moore)
  10. Interview with Julieta Paredes of Mujeres Creando (Julieta Paredes)
  11. Interview with Noam Chomsky: “Direct participation in creativity” (Eric French)
  12. Me, A Dissident? No Thanks: Interview With A Chinese Rebel (Fifth Estate, Mu Xidi)
  13. Mutual Interview (Jeffrey Luers, Rob los Ricos)
  14. Passion for Freedom: An Interview with Jean Weir (325 Magazine)
  15. Women’s Liberation (Doris and Lanphear, Fillion, Linda)
  16. Written Interview with Angry People (Angry People)
  17. You May Be an Anarchist — And Not Even Know It (Derrick Jensen, John Zerzan)