1. 12 lines of flight for just degrowth (Alexis Passadakis, Matthias Schmelzer)
  2. 150 years of Libertarian (The Anarchist FAQ Editorial Collective)
  3. Affective Disorder @ New School (Anonymous, Students for the Destruction of the State)
  4. Avatar: Revising the White Man’s Story (Anonymous)
  5. Beyond Primitivism: Toward a Twenty-First Century Anarchist Theory and Praxis for Science (Charles Thorpe, Ian Welsh)
  6. Beyond the Peasant International (Anonymous)
  7. Breaking Imperialism’s Chains (Workers’ Solidarity Federation)
  8. The Dead End of Climate Justice (Ali Tonak, Tim Simons)
  9. Dealing with Distractions: Confronting Green Capitalism in Copenhagen and Beyond (Alexis Passadakis, Ben Lear, Derrick Jensen, Mikko Virtanen, Peter Gelderloos, Tadzio Müller)
  10. Dreaming of a Reality where the Past & Future Meet the Present (Andrew Flood)
  11. Empire for Beginners (Rob los Ricos)
  12. Green is the New Spectacle (Jason Slade)
  13. Haiti: a history of intervention, occupation and resistance (Andrew Flood)
  14. The Libertarian As Conservative (Bob Black)
  15. Modern Technology and Anarchism (Sam Dolgoff)
  16. Que se vayan todos! — Out with them all!: Argentina’s Popular Rebellion (Anonymous, David Solnit, John Jordan, Patricio McCabe)
  17. Running to Stand Still: Globalisation, Blagging and the Dole (Anonymous)
  18. Venezuela and the “Bolivarian Revolution”: Beacon of hope or smoke and mirrors? (Shawn Hattingh)
  19. Venezuela — Now more than ever (El Libertario, various authors)
  20. What anarchism really means (Anarchist Studies Network)
  21. What ’Appen to South Africa? 1976–2005. Defiance to Apartheid, Neoliberalism, and Recuperators of Defiance (Anonymous, Endangered Phoenix, Norman Abraham, Sam Thompson, Selby Semela)