1. The Abolition of Work (Bob Black)
  2. Accursed Anarchism: Five Post-Anarchist Meditations on Bataille (Saint Schmidt)
  3. Affective Disorder @ New School (Anonymous, Students for the Destruction of the State)
  4. Against Communism, Against Capitalism: The New Asian Revolution (Anonymous)
  5. Against the Corpse Machine: Defining A Post-Leftist Anarchist Critique of Violence (Ashen Ruins)
  6. Anarchists, Don’t let the Left(overs) Ruin your Appetite (Lawrence Jarach)
  7. Anarchists in Wonderland: The Topsy-Turvy World (Peter Staudenmaier)
  8. Anarchy after Leftism (Bob Black, Jason McQuinn)
  9. Articles from “Machete” #4 (Anonymous, Ret Marut)
  10. Bash Back! is Dead; Bash Back Forever! (Tegan Eanelli)
  11. Beware of White-Dressed Cops: Some Italian rioters contrast Ya Basta!s Image with the Reality (Anonymous)
  12. Breaking the Code (dot matrix)
  13. A Crime Called Freedom: The Writings of Os Cangaceiros (Volume One) (Os Cangaceiros)
  14. Critical Analysis of the Left: Lets Clean House (Joaquin Cienfuegos)
  15. Debunking Nonsense in the Anarchist Movement (Chuck Munson)
  16. Demoralizing Moralism: The Futility of Fetishized Values (Jason McQuinn)
  17. Feral: a journal towards wildness (Chris Kortright, Craig Evarts, David Orton, James Barnes, Joanne Lauck, Patricia Freund, Rob los Ricos, Wolfi Landstreicher)
  18. For the Civilized to Leave Civilization: Some thoughts on choice, coercion, and negotiation (Cricket)
  19. From Politics to Life: Ridding anarchy of the leftist millstone (Wolfi Landstreicher)
  20. Gender Disobedience: Antifeminism and Insurrectionist Non-dialogue (Lilith)
  21. The Incredible Lameness of Left-Anarchism (Jason McQuinn, Peter Staudenmaier)
  22. Leftism 101 (Lawrence Jarach)
  23. The Left? No Thanks! (John Zerzan)
  24. The Left Today (John Zerzan)
  25. Mayday, May Day: Critiquing Mayday 2000 as a Political ‘Racket’ (Anonymous)
  26. My Anarchism Problem (Bob Black)
  27. The Natural Society: A Basis for Green Anarchism (Richard Hunt)
  28. The Nature of the Left (The Green Anarchy Collective)
  29. “New Anarchism”: Some Thoughts (Teoman Gee)
  30. Only a Tsunami Will Do: For a Post-Feminist Anarchy (Rita Katrina-Andrews)
  31. On The Enlightenment: Response to a letter (John Moore)
  32. On the radical virtues of being left alone; deconstructing Staudenmaier (Lawrence Jarach)
  33. Post-Left Anarchy? (Jason McQuinn)
  34. Post-Left Anarchy: Leaving the Left Behind (Jason McQuinn)
  35. Ran Prieur on Avatar (Ran Prieur)
  36. Ship of Fools (Ted Kaczynski)
  37. The System’s Neatest Trick (Ted Kaczynski)
  38. Technophilia, An Infantile Disorder (Bob Black)
  39. Us (Zo d’Axa)
  40. Whatever You Do, Get Away with It (Jason McQuinn)
  41. Why I am not an Anti-Primitivist (Lawrence Jarach)
  42. Withered Anarchism (Bob Black)