1. Anarchism and Psychology (Dennis Fox)
  2. Biophilia: Toward Re-Humanization (William Manson)
  3. Don’t Be Afraid of Black Magick (Robert Anton Wilson)
  4. Aufhebengate (Sam FantoSamotnaf, TPTG)
  5. Is Capitalism a Revealed Religion? (Robert Anton Wilson)
  6. The Machine in Our Heads (Glenn Parton)
  7. Nature and Madness (Paul Shepard)
  8. Neurological Relativism (Robert Anton Wilson)
  9. The Nihilist Abyss (Federico Buono)
  10. Reclaim Your Mind : Manifesto (Anonymous)
  11. Stars in Their Eyes. Notes on the origins of the cult of celebrity (Anonymous)
  12. Three Essays on the New Mandarins (Kan San, Lee Yu See, Wu Man, Yu Shuet)
  13. Ultimate Profanation (Lee Paxton)
  14. Zenarchy (Kerry Thornley)