1. Anarchism and Law (Alexei Borovoy)
  2. Bolshevism: Promises and Reality (Grigori Petrovitch Maximov)
  3. A Female Nihilist: The true story of the nihilist Olga Liubatovitch (Sergei Stepniak)
  4. Mollie Steimer (Paul Avrich)
  5. Petersburg (Michel Donnegan)
  6. Reading Nikolay Vavilov (Geoff Hall)
  7. Remembering Natalia Pirumova (Mikhail Tsovma)
  8. Russian Anarchists and the Civil War (Paul Avrich)
  9. Russian Counter-Revolution (Grigori Petrovitch Maximov)
  10. The Soviets and the Papacy (Andre Lorulot)
  11. There Is No Communism in Russia (Emma Goldman)
  12. Tolstoy and Anarchism (Brian Morris)
  13. Towards an anarchist history of the Chinese revolution (Andrew Flood)
  14. Underground Russia: Revolutionary profiles and sketches from life (Sergei Stepniak)
  15. What is “Makhaevism”? (Paul Avrich)