Title: Who are we
Subtitle: (Thesis of the Alliance of the Revolutionary Socialists)
Date: August 30th, 2009
Source: Retrieved on 8-19-2020 from https://revsoc.org/english

We struggle for the destruction of capitalism; we struggle for Communism — for a society without private property, classes, states, wage labour, money and commodity production; a society of cooperation, not of antagonistic competition.

Our position is:

  1. The advance into Communism can only be achieved by means of Proletarian Revolution – revolution by the oppressed class of capitalist society, those deprived of political and economic power.

  2. Revolution means destruction of the bourgeois state machine (bureaucracy, police, etc) by a Proletarian uprising, collective expropriation of capitalist property and total socialisation of the means of production.

  3. After destruction of the bourgeois state machine, the Proletariat will not transfer its power to anyone. All power will belong to General Assemblies. An increase in free time will allow everyone to partake in the social decision process.

  4. In consequence of revolution and of socialisation of the means of production, all production will be controlled by General Assemblies working towards satisfaction of all human needs.

  5. The dictatorship of capital is prevalent in all nations of the world in the form of the bourgeois state, irrespective of the latter’s specific variations. Parliamentary democracy is no more than a mask of this dictatorship. Any attempts by the oppressed class of Proletarians of playing by the rules of the oppressors leads only to defeat and demoralisation. Therefore no Proletarian emancipating movement can support one bourgeois group over another, defend one form of dictatorship against another (democracy against fascism), or participate in sham bourgeois elections.

  6. Historical evidence shows that national inequality and oppression is a natural consequence of the existence and functioning of bourgeois states, and that the struggle of national liberation movements for national rights to self-determination cannot abolish national inequality and oppression, but can only cause Proletarians to turn into cannon fodder in squabbles between bourgeois cliques. The sole means of abolishment of national inequality and oppression is the total destruction of all nation-states and borders and the establishment of the global power of Collective Assemblies.

  7. Modern Trade Unions are no more than a bourgeois leash for the Proletariat, an instrument for subjugation of proletarian struggle to bourgeois interests. All attempts at transforming existing trade unions or at establishing new radical trade unions are doomed to failure and lead only to demoralisation and shattering of delusions. Our aim is to explain to all Proletarians – both those in trade unions and those without trade unions – that the emancipation of oppressed is in the hands of the oppressed themselves; that they cannot rely on any party and Trade Union bureaucracies, parliamentary bickering and legal fuss. The fight for emancipation is direct action (strikes, blockades, etc), and only during this fight does the oppressed class nurture solidarity and class-consciousness, acquire experience of self-organisation and self-government – all the necessary prerequisite for revolution.

  8. In current conditions the only effective forms of organisation and emancipating action are the spontaneous General Assemblies of workers. Our aim is the creation of a revolutionary organisation that combines the struggle for specific demands already put forward by General Assemblies with the struggle for social revolution.

  9. Since power in the USSR and in similar states was in the hands of a oppressor – the state bourgeoisie, and oppressed Proletarians remained powerless and property-less wage slaves, these societies were not socialist, but were in fact societies of state capitalism, wage labour and commodity production. All organisations striving for restoration of such societies in reality strive for an alternative system of exploitation and are the enemies of Proletarian emancipation.

  10. Socialism in one country or in a group of countries is impossible, and is only possible as a global system, one consequent of a global revolution. Destruction of the global system of capitalism is possible only through joint effort of the subjugated classes of most, if not all countries.

  11. Modern patriotism is a reactionary ideology of the ruling class, with the purpose of supporting the system of exploitation and wage slavery. The duty of every conscious Proletarian is to fight patriotism and chauvinism in any shape or form. The Proletariat has no fatherland. No to wars between countries! No to peace between classes!

  12. The perspective aim of Revolutionary Socialists is the formation of a new International that by its action and example can initiate and unite the struggle of the global proletariat. The slogans of the new International must be:

Exploited of the world, unite!

All power to the World Commune!