Title: On Sabotage: Considered as one of the fine arts
Author: Anonymous
Date: November 14, 2008
Source: Retrieved on June 20, 2009 from www.non-fides.fr
Notes: This text was distributed as a leaflet. It’s about the massive anti-terrorists arrestations that happened in Tarnac, France, some days before (the 11 November).

You’d have to be really blind not to see sabotage as the classical weapon of the exploited. And you’d have to have a pretty short memory to forget that in every social war, a rebel refuses to wait for everyone to move before expressing his or her anger.

From the riots of November 2005 to the CPE riots of spring 2006, from factory occupations and kidnappings of directors to the numerous acts of sabotage during the railway workers’ movement of November 2007, it’s clear for a lot of people that we won’t have an end to our situation of misery and exploitation by begging for it. In this prison society, we’re expected to believe we’re in the best of possible worlds: commodity democracy. And they try to force us to believe it with tazer shocks and ballots. The wars and the poisoning of the planet for money are nonetheless a clear reminder that capitalism is a death-dealing system and that the State is not a friend, but an enemy.

And so we must fight back, to destroy what destroys us. Struggle individually and collectively wherever we are for a world emancipated from the bonds of exploitation and domination. It is not their penal codes and morality that must dictate what we must do, but the rage and ethics of each and every one of us.

On the 11th of November, ten persons were placed under arrest during a new operation by the Ministry of Terror, and accused of sabotaging the tension wires of SNCF trains during the prior weekend. Journalist cops, politicos, and jackals came from all sides to hurriedly denounce an imaginary “anarcho-autonomist” movement. On the same pretext of “association of criminals with terrorist aims,” three comrades have already been arrested, and some held for over 9 months, accused of an attempt to burn a police vehicle in Paris in May 2007, during the explosions of anger that arose to greet the last presidential election.

In a time of “crisis,” when the State is showering the capitalists with billions of dollars, its attempting once more to isolate a few “bad rebels” to better eliminate them all. But it hardly matters whether they’re guilty or innocent; we’ll leave those categories to the robe-wearing toads and their sustainers.

Because in the same way as the passion for freedom can’t be captured in an acronym, what domination most fears is a diffuse and anonymous replication of these attacks. Solidarity against State terrorism, by all means anyone considers adequate.

Let us derail the train of everyday routine.