Title: Clearing the Air
Subtitle: Challenging The False Claims, and Innuendo in regards to Black Autonomy Federation
Topics: a response, myths
Date: May 31, 2013
Source: Retrieved on 24th October 2020 from blackautonomyfederation.blogspot.com

In a time where most groups are not Honest nor sincere about their politics are what they believe within the African-Black Community, we are not. Many have been spreading negative rumors about what we are about, so we think it is better to hear it from the “Horses Mouth” (Ourselves) as too what we Believe.

We make No Apologies: We believe in social justice and economic equality; So We are Libertarian Socialist. We believe that the fruits of our labor, and the economic wealth it produces should be shared by all of us who work and produce it. We do not believe in-capitalism or the State, and believe they both should be overthrown and abolished. We accept the economic critique of Marxism, but not its modal for political organizing. We accept the anti-authoritarian critique of Anarchism, but not its rejection of the class struggle as some proclaim.

We believe in racial justice, so we are also anti-racist. The Capitalist system was created by and is maintained by socioeconomic enslavement and colonial oppression of African People and before there will be a social revolution, White Supremacy must be defeated. We also believe that Africans In America are colonized and exist as an “internal colony” of the US white-settler colony and mother country. We believe that white workers must give up their privileged status, their, “White Identify” as Boss, racism, ideological arrogance and paternalism. We feel they must build Solidarity by supporting racially oppressed workers and communities in their fights for equality and Self-Determination, Liberation and Autonomy.

Lastly: We believe in Black Liberation, so long as it is true peoples and anti-authoritarian liberation. We are African-Black Revolutionaries; as well as anti-authoritarian revolutionaries. We do not believe any hierarchical or oppressive structures whatsoever, but in structures that gives each one a voice and collective leadership.

We believe that African people within the US are oppressed both as workers and as a distinct nationality, and will only be freed by a Black Revolution, which is an intrinsic part of the Social Revolution. We believe this must be built from the people themselves, from below. We believe Africans, Indigenous and other oppressed nationalities and People of Color must have their own agenda, distinct world-view, and organizations of struggle, even though they may decide to work with white workers. Hence: Our Black Autonomous Position.