Communique on the arson against the French press agency (Athens, 3/12/2008)

      Communique on the three day arsonist rampage (Athens-Thessaloniki, 2-3-4/11/2008)

        Polemic of Economy

        Military-Police Complex

        Suicide in Slow Motion

        Domestic Hostilities

      Series of arson attacks (Athens-Thessaloniki, 21/2/2008)

      Three days of fire (Athens-Thessaloniki, 18-19-20/3/2008)

      Series of incendiary attacks (Athens-Thessaloniki, 21/1/2008)

      Arson series (Athens Thessaloniki, 9/4/2008)

      Series of arson attacks (Athens-Thessaloniki, 30/5/2008)

        Why we set your nights on fire

      Nine arson attacks (Thessaloniki-Athens, 12/6/2008)

      Incendiary attack against ruling party offices (Thessaloniki, 15/7/2008)

      Communique on the attacks at P. Faliro and Psychiko (Athens, 9-10/7/2008)

      Incendiary attack against Public Power Company building (Athens, 9/8/2008)

      Incendiary attack against an office of the industrialist G. Mylonas (Thessaloniki, 4/9/2008)

      Arson against ethniki bank (Athens, 29/9/2008)

      Two days of numerous arson attacks (Athens, 25-26/9/2008)

      Attack against the police station of dimokratias square (Thessaloniki, 13/9/2008)

      Incendiary attack against military courthouse of Rouf (Athens, 29/10/2008)

      Incendiary attacks against bank ATMs (Thessaloniki, 7/10/2008)

Communique on the arson against the French press agency (Athens, 3/12/2008)

While the peaceful citizens where enjoying the coffee break of their inexistance in the paved street of Kolonaki, we set ourselves for once again under the “services” of destruction and prepared a new gift out of idyllic ashes. With these, we send our revolutionary greetings to the French comrades that selected to attack the network of the high speed trains, sabotaging the routes of everyday hurry and anxiety, of a determined pre-set life imposed by the bio-authority to its subjects.

Striking at the ordinary flaw of the system, using aggressive means in the midst of the servitude suggested by the social actuality, for once again proving in vivo the vulnerable structure of the fortified uniformity of this world. We despise the cowardice of the crowds that is so welcome within this enslaved society and strive to point that society exists for us and not the opposite.

Thus we will invade repeatedly and suddenly, eroding and poisoning its inner core, in order to eliminate everything that isn’t us, by our very selves. A project materialized through our devotion to the revolution. A revolution eternal and tireless, worthy to battle every day to realise its most inexorable, feral and dark expression…



Communique on the three day arsonist rampage (Athens-Thessaloniki, 2-3-4/11/2008)

Namely, in Athens, we set on fire a military jeep of the Nave at Halandri (something the cops hidden out), vehicles of the navy in the entrance of the building of Naval Command on Klafthmonos square, the company of digital systems ACE HELLAS at Agia Paraskevi that cooperates with the greek army, the club of retired army officers on Halkokondyli street, the union of retired army officers on Harilaou Trikoupi and Akadimias street corner, the political office of the minister of national defence Vaggelis Meimarakis.

In Thessaloniki we set on fire the club of reserve officers of the Armed Forces at Evosmos, a military private school on Margariti street and an ATM of Geniki Bank that cooperates with the army, at Kalamaria.

We also take responsibility for the attack at the military courthouse at Rouf on Tuesday October 28.

Polemic of Economy

In our era, as always, the military branch of every state consists an indivisible part of the development of its geo-political and economic interests. Conducting wars is an inevitable outcome of the intense economic crises of the capitalist system. A typical example of this condition was the exponential growth of the war industry in the beginnings of the 20th century and the economic crash of 1929 at the USA, accompanied with a long-term crisis of the world market, facts that contributed to the process of the first and the second world war, respectively. Military operations and management of the economic interests are an all-time, all-state direct relation in the route of human history.

From the NATO bases in european ground, to the “pacificatory” interventions in the middle East, army has the role of an essential force to maintain and expand the economic interests of the western states. To feed the machinery of war and the war industry it is needed to keep social peace inside the metropolis of the western states. War and peace, two different faces, two different expressions of the capitalist dominion.

Military-Police Complex

When, a few decades ago capitalism was less stylish and more unconcealed there was some class resistance. Since even the most pitiful man when deprived of the nothing he possess and considers of his own, in his face, fights with teeth and claws. To tame him back, and take out his eye teeth, the capitalist think tanks, came with the idea of the providence state. Social care, public medical care and supplies, retirement plans, popular politics, benefits and whatever could tame the “disordered” proletariat.

Simultaneously the hard machinery, the back bone of repression, police and military, developed though without being able to relief their “vulgar” past. In Greece they remained as social figures to the popular sense as the copper and the junta pig. One after another face-lifts, they are trying to get closer to the citizen. The gendarmerie and the city police got united and military service reduced, but in the mean time a new military-police complex appeared in the streets of the metropolis, the well known MAT and MEA (note: greek riot police units). In the midst of the 90es in during their second half, bosses and the state, are almost reassured that the workers do not pose a threat to the system anymore. The new religion of individualist-idiocy is established for good inside the heads of the new class of petit-owners, dissolving every imaginary workers front – That’s for good, since illusions come always with a bitter taste in the end. The steam engine of neo-liberalism is motivated with a fast tempo and the “popular” politics is replaced by privatization. Thus the state becomes from a wild animal tamer to a mere apartment building manager, having every lodger as proprietor, working together for their “common” interest. But, what guarantees the existent isn’t just the wilful servitude of the individual idiots. The state enriched with the experience of the past will always have a place for the iron whip of repression, since the carrot has convinced the proletarians and the coach is being draught, it can now reinforce its guards.

Today the state is militarized, by this time it “wears” plain clothes. The memory of an army causing coup-d-etats has now given its place to a new and improved image of professional Greek army with mercenaries with shiny smiles. Besides, after September 11, militarization of the western world responds to the currency of a social demand for safety. Where the threat of Islamic terrorism doesn’t convince enough to legalize socially the descend of the army in the metropolis, then the issue of illegal immigration or of the criminality of the immigrants will be enrolled, as in Greece. The application of the border guard patrol in the borderline isn’t random, and it corresponds to the best image of what we call military-police complex.

The army meets society not anymore in terms of repression, but to accompany it in its decadence, becoming from the drudgery of yesterday, the professional career of today. Military service is democratized, reduces, given as a right to woman to participate, police and military schools are a first class option, the old obedience process, as a method to subordinate the youth is useless anymore, since youth are already subordinated to the internet, tv, mobile phones…

So the army changes its face and becomes more dangerous. Besides an unwieldy army, with illiterate servicemen, heavy duties and pack drills, as well as a police with fat ass cops, doesn’t correspond to the new aesthetic order and even more to the modern standards.

Professional militarism means smooth image, specialization, education, high tech systems, sense of safety on the citizen’s side.

It is a new proposal for life. So, the “pacificatory” missions of the Greek army with the humanitarian aid, of rapes, pillaging, arms, drugs and women trafficking, beyond the vast economic benefits for the state is translated by the mercenaries participating as an extreme sport, something that, beyond the money they are paid for, can take pride in. The army is marching today beyond the state borders to establish the murderous peace of the bosses, the lawful proprietors, the silent majority and in the same time getting ready to defend this same peace inside the metropolis, by any means. This is why the military-police complex lurks incognito having signed contacts of strategic importance. It isn’t by accident that the ministry of public order became sub-ministry under the protective shield of the ministry of domestic affairs, while the place of the “field marshal” Polydoras was taken by a genuine army man, and ex chief of the general commandment of the army Hinofotis (recently our cells in Thessaloniki “saluted” the new minister, setting on fire the police station on Dodekanisou street.

Suicide in Slow Motion

The army creates conditions where the individual isn’t allowed to think as an individual, but as a wheel of the coach, as a stone of the building, a part of a complex. The existence of the individual is planned to be transformed into existence of the complex with a way that the complex would overcome in value the ego. A culture of annihilation of the self is cultivated, pulverisation of the ego, enforced by the screams of the superior, the pack drills, and the drudgery. In this culture, people that possibly had never developed a critic to the army (neither positive nor negative), people without personal will, unable to make decisions without someone advice, suffocate and drawn inside themselves. People that never cared of any nation, or did that with light heart, the army destroys their personal substance in such a degree, sinks their ego so low they lose every personal desire, they are carried with a surgeon’s accuracy to suicide. It is childishness to consider responsible only the pack drill or the officer screaming brutally. The army is responsible, with its uniformity, obedience, national absorption, fanaticism, turns humans into dispensable units of subgroups.

Some of them desert towards death, under-signing a swan song of egoism, that isn’t enough for anything: I define my self absolutely, at least in suicide. This act may seem as the most ideal solution, as a last shelter for human dignity.

How ironic: the desire the explore the ego happens simultaneously with its total loss.

Domestic Hostilities



PS. We send our signal of fire to the prisoners started a prison food strike since Monday 3 November.


Conspiracy of Cells of Fire ATHENS-THESSALONIKI

Series of arson attacks (Athens-Thessaloniki, 21/2/2008)

On Wednesday 5:20 in the afternoon, the first gas canister device exploded at former minister of justice, Papaligouras office. An unknown person phone called a TV station claiming the arson was in solidarity to the antiauthoritarian Giorgos Voutsis-Vogiatzis, in pre-trial imprisonment since the armed bank robbery at Gizi, and promised the attacks will continue.

The same night, from 2:00 to 2:10, in diverse areas in Athens 8 banks were set on fire, 4 luxurious cars and one insurance company. In particularly, Proton bank in central Athens, City Bank in Petroupoli, Millennium Bank in Gerakas, Millennium Bank in central Athens, City Bank in Pireaus, Open 24 (Eurobank) in Pireaus, Eurobank in Syggrou, Eurobank in Kallithea, Cyprus Bank in Patissia, and Ethniki Bank in Vyronas were set on fire. Also a Cyprus Bank vehicle in Argyroupolis, a sanitary department car in Glyfada, another car the press does n’t clarify, and a Security group owned Mercedes in Kolonos, as well as the offices of Ethniki Insurance company in Kato Halandri.

The economic dictatorship establishes itself everyday on, either on the caterpillar tractors of the tanks, in order to complete the pillage (Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan), either on the conformism and obeisance of a compromised society that accepts with resignation the terms of captivity and reproduces them.

In these conditions, work is the welfare of economy being the machine’s act of war in times of peace. The coercive 8hour work ties up all our time, our possibilities, our mood, our whole existence in exchange for the everyday commands of our bosses and a compensation payment.

This is why we consciously are in the opposite side. We don’t beg for social concessions, nor are we interested in the syndicalists’ argle-bargle on the pension system. We negate to our thankful exploration. We negate to negotiate for the matter-of-course of irrationality, because work may not be something to be ashamed of but it is something you are obliged to. Every day the same landscape, tired faces, eyes dejected, anxious time and our dignity checking its time-card in the bosses clock.

That’s why we arm the old ways and invent new ones in order to escape the captivity of work. We propose a total attack against the existence and the morality of work. Looting of commodities and money from the temples of consumption and profit, torching economic targets, sabotaging the normal circulation of production, self-organised workplace ruptures and attacks…

Thats why we stand in solidarity to the revolutionary decision of the comrade Giorgos Voutsis-Vogiatzis who is kept detained for the armed robbery in ETE bank in Gizi, denying to accept the handcuffs of the constraint of work. As a minimum sign of disordering the smooth functioning of the economic dictatorship, we attacked last night banks, government targets and private insurance companies, and we also claim responsibility for the attack against the political office of the former justice minister Anastassis Papaligouras in Kolonaki. We also claim responsibility for last Wednesday attack at an Emporiki bank subsidiary on 124 Botsari street in Thessaloniki and the attack on Monday in the subsidiary of employment ministry on Antigonidon street, central Thessaloniki.

We do not forget any imprisoned comrade. We ‘ll be back soon…

Conspiracy of cells of fire Thessaloniki-Athens

Three days of fire (Athens-Thessaloniki, 18-19-20/3/2008)

The following communique is referring to a three day rampage against among other targets, a Millenium Bank in Pagrati, a security vehicle in Koukaki and a construction company’s vehicle in Kifissia, an Emporiki bank subsidiary in Agia Paraskevi, an electric company in Agioi Anargiroi and another security car in Petralona, as well as a security company offices in Galatsi.

The communique:
The conspiracy of cells of fire Thessaloniki-Athens claims responsibility for the three-day (18-19-20/3) arson attacks. The police state constitutes an irrefutable reality. Mobilizing the dogma of security (insecurity) it intensifies its repressive action, penetrating every level of the social tissue and tearing it into pieces. Panoptism is utilized in every expression of the older and the new forms of surveillance and the industry of fear is set for good. Cameras, cops, juries, municipal cops and security patrols safeguard this new complex net of captivity.

In every street corner, snitches in uniforms or without, lawful avengers and police informers give an Orwellian perspective to life, ready to prevent and choke even the tiniest delinquent practice or thought. The punishment of the prison either comes to seclude the delinquent behaviours born in this society or hangs above whoever practically questions and attacks the empire’s imperatives.

The target is to create a new type of human-robot having incorporated the vertical relation of authority’s surveillance and reproducing it both vertically and horizontally on those around him. The regular circulation of profit and economy, the total entrance of this compromised person in the production-consumption process is a fact in this heaven on earth. Authority seems to have no face, being everywhere with an almost divine nature. Unreachable even when the grotesque mask of the ridiculous, the contemptible, the submissive, appear behind its democracy.

Though, exactly because it does have a face, and it is not unreachable at all, we selected to attack these specific targets:

Tuesday 18/3: Arson against a police bus at Egaleo (Athens).
Wednesday 19/3: Double attack against the city-hall of Thessaloniki, on Venizelou Street and a Security vehicle on Martiou Street.
Thursday 20/3: Series of arson attacks against security companies -that constitute the mercenary servants who spy, intervene, snitch to, and assist the cops-, banks, prison construction companies and electronic security system companies, that undertake the building and the surveillance of human-depositories, the worst form of taking away one’s freedom and dignity, in exchange of money.

This 3 day festival of fire is dedicated to the comrades Chrissostomos Kontorevithakis and Marios Tsourapas, detained for attempting to blow up a municipal police vehicle at Paleo Faliro, and facing a jury on July.

It is part of a generalized attack against the current, a part of the defence of our freedom, a part of the destruction of your world.

As long as there are fists and howls raised, as long as there is dignity around, we will always stand against your plans, always against you. We’ll be back soon.

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire Thessaloniki-Athens

Series of incendiary attacks (Athens-Thessaloniki, 21/1/2008)

According to a report in “Eleftherotipia” from 12:51 to 01:18 the following targets were attacked:

12:51: Porsche dealership, Halandri-4 cars damaged.
01:00: Eurobank open24 subsidiary, Egaleo
01:05: Luxurius car exposition “Car Collection”, Nea Erithrea-16 cars and one motorcycle damaged
01:08: Eurobank subsidiary, Dafni
01:08: Piraeus bank subsidiary, Dafni
01:09: Citybank subsidiary, central Athens
01:15: Eurobank subsidiary, Nea Filadelfia
01:17: PV MOTORS dealership, Argiroupoli
01:18: PPC crane vehicle, Keramikos

Another incendiary device was found untouched in the entrance of an “Ethniki” bank, in Peristeri, and was carried to the forensic office of the police.

Two arson attacks occured within five minutes. A ppc car was damaged, as well as an ATM of Millennium bank in Analipsi.

Last night’s series of incendiary attacks against luxurious car dealerships in Halandri, Kifissia and Argiroupoli, bank subsidiaries in Nea filadelfia, Dafni, Egaleo, Ano Patisia, Dafni and in Thessaloniki at 117, Martiou Street, and against PPC (the state-run power company) cars outside its offices in both Athens and Thessaloniki, is undertaken by the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire Thessaloniki-Athens.

We selected to strike the bank subsidiaries because the constitute the symbols-tools of exploration and of the economic empire. In parallel, the banks are the modern day corporations that accredit with loanee dreams the consumers, so that they would be glamour voluntarily their misery and their economic state of captivity.

We attacked the PPC corporation as a response to the dozens assassinations of workers that died in its workplace-prisons because of the lack of security measures, as well as for the deadly effects (such as cancer) that appear at the zones around its power plants.

We set on fire the dealerships of luxurious cars that form prestigious symbols of authority inside the commodity fetishist frenzy that has taken over the metropolis. We do not respect the law-abiding citizens’ wet dreams for a fast car in expense of the slow suicide offered by the modern life style.

The revolutionary character of an economic-capitalist targets arson is n’t found only in its physical destruction but also in the illegality of the action itself. In the decision to attack.

In this combatant situation, there are also losses. Accordingly, we dedicate last night’s attacks in Thessaloniki and Athens to the imprisoned anarchist V. Botzatzis who is accused for 3 arson attacks against 3 targets, as well as to the 3 fugitive comrades accused under the same case, and that chose the way of a proud escape, than to give themselves in.

We don’t forget any imprisoned comrade. We will be back soon…

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire Thessaloniki-Athens

Arson series (Athens Thessaloniki, 9/4/2008)

“Arson series against four car agencies and a car expo with mostly Italian brands, as well as at the Greco-Italian School, from around 12:50 to 1:15 the midnight, damaging or totally destroying 35 cars by improvised incendiary devices set by unknown persons …A gas canister device blasted around 1:05 after midnight, at a clothes agency on Vas. Irakleiou 18, in the center of Thessaloniki…”

The “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” claimed responsibility for the actions:
On Wednesday April 9 we spotted and torched agencies of Italian interests (Car agencies, Greco-Iralian school bus). By this movement, we send to the imprisoned Italian comrades accused for membership in F.A.I. (Informal Anarchist Federation) our salutation with fire. This is how we re-activate vigorously the internationalist revolutionary solidarity.

The Italian comrades of F.A.I. form a federation that through its offensive actions, as the one of 21/12/2003 setting of explosive devices outside the house of — the president of E.U. at the time — Romano Prodi, or of the 3/3/2005, with their triple bomb attack outside carabinieri barracks, at Genova and Milano, claiming: …We consider essential that every person that isn’t tamed by the fake prosperity that democracy provides, must express his/her rage with his/her action and by every means, we will keep on intruding your dreams, your economic interests and your peace. It won’t take you much time to understand the consequences of your indifference (abstract of a F.A.I. communique).

In this tough route they selected, there were also losses. Arrest warrants, imprisonments, juridical farces. The last years, the Italian state attacks brutally the insurrectional part among the Italian anarchists. Apart from perennial captivities, certain other comrades as Massari, Rosa, Fantazzini, are n’t accompanying us anymore in this dangerous route to the wild rebellion, since they were murdered by the Italian state. But neither death is able to erase the rage from the eyes of the insurgents.

The cells of F.A.I. and not only them, strike back and attempt to create a condition of omnipresent conflict, where there is no place for compromise.

In its declaration, F.A.I. mentions: “Strike and destroy the responsible for the repression and exploitation. Strike and destroy the prisons, the banks, the court-houses, the barracks…”

Accomplices in the crime of direct revolutionary action, we seek, through our attacks, to form a range of dislocation of the uneventful social peace. To commit the crime of ending the silence, to overcome the postponements and the hesitations, to live beyond the laws that enslave and the conventions that shoot in the back. And the only precise way to achieve this, is to participate in the revolutionary war, declared since the beginning.

This is our way to spread the fire of conscience, in this combatant condition that we selected for ourselves.
We don’t abandon any imprisoned comrade, neither in Greece, nor in Italy, nor anywhere.
Revolutionary salutations to the imprisoned Italian comrades, accused for membership in F.A.I.
Freedom for all imprisoned Italian comrades accused for subversive practices.
It all continues, we’ll be back soon.

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

Series of arson attacks (Athens-Thessaloniki, 30/5/2008)

From the mass media coverage: A slew of blasts shocked Friday’s dawn six different spots of Athens, causing damages to banks, car dealerships and New Democracy (ruling party) local offices. The police estimates it was an organized plan, since all attacks were realized within 11 minutes, from 2:03 to 2:14. Incendiary devices were set against a Geniki Bank subsidiary, an Agrotiki Bank, a post office vehicle, 6 cars of a Ford car dealership, and a local office of New democracy. On 3:28 another arson was realized against a PPC (public power company), that damaged also a nearby car. Incendiary attacks happened also in Thessaloniki, against a Millennium bank subsidiary and a Eurobank, causing damages to their facades.

The claim:

Why we set your nights on fire

Every day that passes we see and hear of the same stuff. Costliness, poverty, unemployment, corruption, bribe, scandals. A world in pain, suffering but not dying. The politicians have their palms greased, the priests as well, the policemen too, though none seems to take his life into serious account. The citizen’s discontent runs out of steam in painless for the system protests and peaceful marches, petitions and new forms of cabled reaction that search for an identity surfing the web in innocent symbolisms.

But history is written when the silent crowd leaves and the silence’s drop-outs advance. Where we quench our rage with fire and our fire with more gasoline. We are those that cannot fit in your shiny building’s world, with its neon lights, the disgusting social conformity, fast cars, commercial centres, surveillance and control cameras, police forces of occupation in the metropolis. But, above all, we cannot fit in the blankness of this void life where even the thoughts, the emotions and the gestures follow the rules of this devious guidance and submission of our (or the market’s) desires. This also explains why you want to suit us in the prisons you build to punish all those that defy your commands. We cannot fit there either…

And if some of our comrades got captive in the enemy’s trap, keep in mind that wolves are always patient in their ambushes. We will be close to them with a clear breath waiting for our next meeting for the new attacks. In the dawn of Friday, May 30, we renewed our contracts with fire, that we will not leave more silent nights behind us and went on to 11 arson attacks in Athens and Thessaloniki (more precisely, against a Millenium bank and a Eurobank, as well as against foreign mission cars in Pilea).

We dedicate this action to the anarchists in pre-trial imprisonment Marios Tsourapas and Chrissostomos Kontorevithakis, accused for an arson attempt against a municipal police car, as well as to the also imprisoned anarchist Vaggelis Botzatzis, prosecuted for arsons against economic and governmental targets, all of them having their files considered these days whether to prolong their imprisonment.

We send our revolutionary greetings to the 3 fugitive comrades, accused for the same case, that selected the uncompromising path of illegality, against retreating and surrender. Our fires shall cover their traces…


Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

Nine arson attacks (Thessaloniki-Athens, 12/6/2008)

The targets in Athens: A vehicle and the sign of HYUNDAI car agency at Neo Psychiok, Interspor (athletics branch) at Halandri, Goody’s (fast-food, greek multinational corporation) at Keratsini, vast damages at Pireaus bank in Kifissia, while one and a half hour later another Hyundai vehicle was totally wrecked in front of another dealership at Patissia. In Thessaloniki, between 4:40 and 5:10 in the morning, arsonists hit: a Vodafone shop at Toumba, a Goody’s at Agias Sofias (city centre), another Goody’s at Eptalofos, and Piraeus bank on Antigonidon street (city centre).

The claim:
On June 12 2008, we selected to strike the sponsors of the greek national squad (five targets in Athens and four in Thessaloniki).

Just as it was four years ago with the “success” of the national squad in euro, same thing now, a fair of incredible stupidity, during which thousands of clowns unite under the flag of national pride.

The tame crowds are more than willing to overlook the misery of their everyday life and turn for a few days into a mixture of phony smiles, and getting into goofy celebrations. The mass stupefaction media bombard us with thousands of advertises promoting a national sheep conscience alongside with mass consumption – the necessary parameter of every commodity fiesta. The role of multinational corporation sponsors is more than obvious, both in promoting their own merchandise as equally the national unity, creating a harmony of capitalist profiteering and implantation – revival of our hateful national identity. This is why we attacked you, we did it in the past, and we’ll be doing it in the future.

Your fiesta is full of bright lights and numerous smiles, national rag-flags, torpor spectacle and diffused nonsense. Our own celebrations are during the night, when the shiny lights give their place to the thick darkness of delinquency and become the gasoline for the fire, the movement, the destruction. Because national unity is for the frightened, we shall never compromise with any state and any nation. Our only country is the Revolution, Violent and Subversive in its steps, bound to annihilate your old world.

Generously sponsored by The Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.

Incendiary attack against ruling party offices (Thessaloniki, 15/7/2008)

“A gas canister attack was realised by unknown persons the dawn against offices of the local organization of New Democracy at Diikitirio, Thessaloniki. From the fire the office’s facade was damaged and also two parked cars.”

The communique:
At the dawn of Wednesday we attacked (using the well-known materials: a petrol can, 4 household gas canisters, and a few candles to provide us with the necessary time to leave the area) against the local organization of New Democracy on Afentouli 8 street, at Diikitirio area. It was another act of hostility with the prison society, a huge embrace to the comrades TSOURAPAS AND KONTOREVITHAKIS who will walk with us again the path of constant offensive against the existent. To them, who regardless the pressure from the post-civil war jury DID NOT SHOW ANY REPETANCE and supported the revolutionary option they chosed one year ago and it costed them 13 months of imprisonment in the human-deposits of the parliamentary democracy. But the struggle doesn’t not stop here. Giorgos Voutsis-Vogiatzis, Giannis Dimitrakis, Vaggelis Botzatzis as well as the 6 in total fugitives of this period have the people of Negation on their side. Hostilities will go on, with or without any prisoners. The offensive actions do not come to play the game of politic currents, reminding the dominants the political cost of keeping revolutionaries in captivity. The offensice actions ARE THE BET WE WAGE for the transport of the revolutionary life to HERE and NOW, our date with history, the restless sleep of those responsible (through their neutrality as well) for the colonization of our lives. We begun. And we will keep looking for partners in crime…


Summit for the remembrance of Émile Henry

Communique on the attacks at P. Faliro and Psychiko (Athens, 9-10/7/2008)

At the dawn of both Wednesday 9/7 and Thursday 10/7 we attacked against motorbikes of the municipal police of P. Faliro and against the diplomatic car of Morocco at P. Psychiko.

The targets were selected in a way to prove that the revolutionary practices don’t care for time, academic years, and hard days. They set the time and space themselves, to strike and shape their power. They are the “now” and they are the “always”. This in regard of the cops suffocation of P. Faliro and their ambushes in targets connected with the municipal police. Of course they can’t do anything to stop our attacks. Same goes for P. Psychico, where the police-state reigns and the reaches “elite” that lives there and conserves it. We fell on there on our parachutes and wrecked every sense of police planning of yours, and we will visit again.

Rage and imagination will always find a way to manifest themselves.

We dedicate this hit to the Anarchist Comrades M. Tsourapas and Chr. Kontorevithakis who are since Friday 11/7 facing a jury for the attack against a Municipal Police car, claiming responsibility for their choices.

We ‘ll be back.

P.S. The police had extra luck given the servitude of some by-passers (probably cleanness municipal workers that put out the fire when it erupted so it didn’t expand).

Night-time Patrols Comando — Chaotic Action — Cells from the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

Incendiary attack against Public Power Company building (Athens, 9/8/2008)

On August 9, we attacked against the branch of PPC at Peristeri. We won’t go into the well-worn arguements on the selection of such a target. Whoever has a conscience realises that the mere existence of the state institutions is at least hostile towards any rebel dignity.

We won’t wat for some politic anomaly or any situation depressing for society to act in violence. Besides, from the moment it (society) stands every kind of humiliations and contributes itself in it, like sheep walking to the butchery, there’s nothing left but its destruction.

The constant revolutionary liveliness, doesn’t limitate itself within winter periods, years or moments forbidding action. So let certain some know that the war declared is not some kind of winter sport. We set the moments, the time, we shape the conditions, throwing the dice of Nihilism eradicating the established “values” of this rotten world, celebrating their inversion. Some are do-ers to the point of satisfying their desires, likewise we initially act too, aiming though to the satisfaction of the target we have ourselves set, keeping and honouring the values of our conscience.

We “work” with rage under the services of Revolution with a special inclination to overtime work creating foci of war. It’s time we change the belief that “things don’t change no matter what we do” with courage to “we are gonna do no matter what to change things”. Nihilism is ante portas, marvelling the monumental rapacity of certain buzzards that graciously play and in the same time hate, and as they play and hate… they tear apart.

It is not the “social deprive” nor some “normal degeneration” that vomits Nihilism from the guts of conscience, on the opposite, it is our will to power, and our passion for the individual revolution of our “being”…



Incendiary attack against an office of the industrialist G. Mylonas (Thessaloniki, 4/9/2008)

From the mass-media: “Limited material damages were caused by the gas canisters set, Thursday afternoon, unknown persons outside the entrance of the office of the industrialist G. Mylonas, located on the 7nth floor of a building on 1, Dimokratias square, in Thessaloniki. The fire brigade mobilized 4 vehicles and 8 men that put out the fire. According th them, no one was in the office by that time. It is noted that in June, the president — at the time — of northern Greece industrialists- G. Mylonas was kidnapped. For that kidnap V. Paleokostas is accused with a group of persons. During their transfer a group of anti-authoritarians gathered chanting slogans in solidarity.”

The claim:

I want to go to my aim

I walk my way.

I will surpass jumping over the hesitations and those walking slowly.

Let my way be their destruction


After the “little adventure” of the president of northern Greece industrialists, the revolutionary Polykarpos Georgiadis and the comrades and friends of his, Vaggelis Hrisohoidis and Vassilis Paleokostas are arrested accused of his kidnapping.

What each of us is and claims, is n’t defined by any journalist but by the role each one of us selects inside the social machinery.

For a long time now, we listened to Mylonas (before and after his kidnapping) mentioning the tough times for the industrialists’ incomes. We are digusted.


Negators of a mediocre society and a miserable life we are offered, we take the first step to the offensive. We make it clear for Mylonas, and his alikes, and everyone that maintains this world of servants and their bosses that the keystones of the empire, despite their apparent fortification remain fragile.

Mylonas adventure is n’t over yet. On the opposite, it just started…

Simply because this gentleman didn’t stop for a minute to be a target among others. The arson against his offices during the day, noon, in a police occupied city (because of Karamanlis arrival) in a well guarded building is dedicated to the three imprisoned for the case of his kidnapping. “Innocents” or “guilty”, well known in the revolutionary circles or not, they have the world of Negation on their side.

And as for us, that our only passion is the destruction and annihilation of the existent in its totality — practically and morally — we will continue to do what Polykarpos agitated in his letter’s secont postscript. What we have been doing for a long time now.

Revolutionary action, uncompromising and continuous attack against every symbol, building, value, face of the authoritarian society is an one way only.

Hostilities shall continue, original negations and revolutionary selections will undermine the always flammable social institution.



Arson against ethniki bank (Athens, 29/9/2008)

From the mass-media: Limited material damages were caused at the ethniki bank branch of the 17nth km of Athens-Lamia national road, after a fire caused by an explosion at 2:35 in the dawn. The arsonists had placed a home gas canister device made containing12 gas cans! 2 of them exploded, and the fire brigade put out the fire before it expands. Police security investigates on this incident.

The claim:
Oppression is often connected to the cop’s glob and the prison bars. A part of these less obvious mechanisms of democracy is responsible to safeguard social peace with an even stronger ally of oppresion, less visible, the consent of the exploited. The banks could be burnt, cops could be beaten, bosses kidnapped… But how can we attack this consent?

Surely not by preaching the exploited with a complex analysis on the capitalist system and dominion, since to understand your role and open space to think further on it, a primal rebellion is inevitable and necessary. Encouraging this rebellion, making clear in actions that dominion-authority doesn’t lie at theoretical terms found only in academic debates, but is constituted of structures and people whom you can attack everywhere and always, it is the only possibility to break apart this consent and destroy this social cemetery that is called society.

These are some of the reasons we attacked the national bank on the alley on the 17nth kilometer of Athens-Lamia road. All the rest of them will express themselves in the next attacks of us against dominion and its servants. We also dedicate this attack to the comrade G. Voutsis Vogiatzis accused for robbery at the ethniki bank of Gizi, who had his pre-trial imprisonment prolongued the previous week.

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire — Comando “Anarchist Individialities”

Two days of numerous arson attacks (Athens, 25-26/9/2008)

From the mass-media: “The unknown arsonists acting coordinated set the ga canister incendiary devices in a period of only 7 minutes, from 2:32 to 2.39 in the morning at these points: On Ifikratous street in Pagrati, against a diplomatic vehicle of Czech Republic, on Ialemou and Samis in Patisia against a diplomatic vehicle of Italy, on Makrigianni street 26 in Agios Dimitrios against a car, on Viotias 6 in Halandri, in the entrance of Ethniki Asfalistiki (insurance company), and on Idomeneos 49 street in Ilion against a Eurobank branch. The largest damages though were caused on Protopapadaki street in Galatsi, where 4 cars were wrecked and many damages caused against the Citroen car agency. It is noted that Citroen was the only car agency on Protopapadaki street that hadn’t been tageted by arsonists in the past. Later on, in 5:15 in the dawn another 3 gas canister incendiary devices exploded on G. Papandreou street in Melissia, against a Marfin Bank branch, a City Bank and Interamerican insurance company entrance, where slight damages were caused. The state security leads the investigations.

The communique:
For the economy to provide its maximum in capitalism, the condition of labor as its foundation stone demands everything from us. We shall leave the syndicalists and all other institutions to bargain the terms of slavery in the galleons of labor and the price of human life, counted in money. As for us, we select once more to fight for our “rights” with fire.

We come in total rupture with the values and the structure of this society and continue to undertake the destructive work of creating insecurities in your secure world.

Our sight is hostile and our intentions aggresive against the bosses as well as those that passively accepted their roles as servants. Besides, an authoritarian relation requires a ruler no more than one ruled.

We don’t comfort with manichean visions… We set ourselves practically on the side of those that decided to take their fate into their own hands and select their lives.

Those that without second though dug out the axe of war and with rage grapped everything that belongs to them. Those that decided to get out of the waiting lounge of their lives and dared to act. We are on the side of everyone that selects to escape from the barracks of the existential poverty and mere survival.

Insurrection finds a base only in the individual selection and consciousness, in the determination to no longer wait for anyone and for anything, to attack here and now everything that represses us. There is no other way besides the revolution, the violent rupture, to destroy the universal chains of exploitation and repression. And only through the hurricanes of this revolutionary war, will we seek for our accomplishes to come out of the shaddows of apathy, the revolutionaries that raise from the mases of exploitation and repression.

And again, there is nothing better than revolution, to assure that the wheels of the exploitation machinery and of social control keep rolling only because of the wilfull service of the exploited ones.

We leave the dichotomy among “political” and “common crime” cases to the courthouse speeches and the “intellectuals”‘ cycles. The road to freedom is inseperate, but the path heading there are many.

The coordinated attacks against nine targets in Athens and a tax office in Thessaloniki was realised as one more sign of Solidarity to the comrade Polykarpos Georgiadis and to Vaggelis Hrisohoidis, Vassilis Paleokostas and Giorgos Haralambidis, accused for the case of the industrialist Mylonas’ kidnapping in June.

Finally, we dedicate this yesterday’s attack to the prisoner in struggle Vaggelis Pallis, as a minimum response of our offensive mood against the generalised world of prisons.

PS. Either on a strike, or even with a rain, we still got reserves of gasoline and rage.

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire Athens-Thessaloniki

This communique is related to certain attacks against stript-tease company vehicles, during next day’s noon:
We have attacked many times against more obvious mechanisms of authority and social control. Last night, banks, diplomatic cars, a security company vehicle, insurance companies, a car agency and a tax office were attacked with fire.. Today we selected to strike in the middle of the noon on Syggrou Avenue vans that belong to stript-tease clubs, a relation of exploitation that often stays in the shadow: The “stripped-down” trading of human flesh, sex reduces to merchandise. Women trafficking, slavery for a fake form of entertainment. Today we attacked against the sex industry and its pimps. We attacked the misery that it causes and the misery from wich it is reproduced by various social parts. Decent householders, succesful carreer-men, showing their true intentions the nights. In a world that destroys our every pleasure, the only real pleasure lies in the destruction of this old world.

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire/Cell “Anarchist Individualities”

Attack against the police station of dimokratias square (Thessaloniki, 13/9/2008)

According to the mass-media: “During the dawn of Saturday, the police station of Dimokratias square was targeted by a group of 15 hooded persons. According to the police announcement, around 15 persons, riding motor-bikes, hurled molotov cocktails and stones at the building of the police station, on Dodekanisou street. They caused damages at the building’ entrance, two police patrol cars, one vehicle and 15 motorbikes.”The organization “Cells of Fire”, claimed responsibility for the incendiary attack with molotovs and gas canisters, early in the night of Saturday, against the police station of Dimokratias square, as a sign of solidarity, as they mentioned, to the arrestees of the case of Mylonas’ kidnap. From the attack, excessive damages were caused to two police patrol cars, and two police motorcycles as well as 20 bikes. Also damages were caused to the guard’s stand.”

The communique:
The days pass so indifferently. They seem like rings of an endless chain of burden and compromise. Work-home, home-work. We live constantly kept hostages. Hostages of the law, the employers, the lowered eyes and the submissive affirmatives. We don’t want to be forgotten working a whole life for the bosses. We don’t care for workers rights and unpaid over-work. We don’t stand for better slavery conditions. We are determined to escape from work camps by any cost. Better live an hour as a wolf than a life as a sheep. Too often what we say resound like an echo in total void. But there are some rare moments of beauty and rebellion when some comrades together with disobedient wolves, send us back a rebellious signal.

Two months ago, an armed companionship kidnapped the president of northern Greece industrialists, G. Mylonas, demanding ransom to let him “free”. The reasons were pretty apparent. Every day in our work our time is kidnapped, our mood, our creativity, our desire, our freedom too. Someones decided to strike back and become do-ers instead of victims. Thus, a gang of disobedients chose to “kidnap” a real kidnapper. The selection of the industrialist G. Mylonas couldn’t be random. President of NGI, a millionaire with a modern profile and bad aesthetics.

This is why police and reporters started a manhunt to spot the preys that denied their roles. In the era of armed silence and the lawful manhunts, we will always be on the sides of those hunted. This is what the comrades P. Georgiadis and V. Hrisohoidis did, offering on a noble scale their solidarity to the hunted fugitive V. Paleokostas, accused by the authorities to be the “mastermind” behind Mylonas’ kidnap. An action of solidarity that left a fadeless fiery mark on the ugliness of your world and your truth that kneels in front of “everyone mind his behalf”. We are next to all the hunted because we have felt too the breaths of their prosecutors. We remember the noble effort of Sorin Matei to escape his prosecutors and his set-up death-trap, we took delight in the shooting skills of K. Passaris and the requiem of his prison guards, we shared laughts for the helicopter prison escape of V. Paleokostas and the humiliation of the police.

We remain next to them and invite them to improvise new rebellions together. There will always be a place for them among us.

On the decision we took to attack every law, order, silence and neutrality we chose last night to set afire the police station of dodekanisou street sending fraternal salutations to the comrade revolutionary P. Georgiadis and a signal of solidarity to his comrades and friends V. Hrisohoidis, V. Paleokostas and G. Haralambidis. Nothing has ended yet, and you know we are serious. You ‘ll soon hear more of us.

PS1 The adorable mr. Mylonas would better think again of his panegyric announcements on the police’s success. It’s simple thinking suggesting since we could hit his defenders, it couldn’t be that hard to target him again.

PS2 We would also like to remind mr. Mylonas that he owes us 20 million euros more.

Everything continues…


Incendiary attack against military courthouse of Rouf (Athens, 29/10/2008)

From the mass-media: Minor material damages were caused to the entrance of ROUF military courthouse at 2:35 in the night, after a combustion of an improvised incendiary device made of 10 home gas canisters. According to the first information, a fire erupted followed by an explosion breaking the entrances’ glass windows. A little after 7:00 a.m. the police found near the barracks’ entrance a hole in the fencing wire where the penetrators allegedly entered from. It is worth noticing that the arsonists weren’t noticed, since the area is guarded by the army. According to “Eleftherotipia” newspaper, the «Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – Revolutionary Army cells» claimed with a phne call to “Eleftherotipia” the responsibility for the attack “in solidarity to Giannis Dimitrakis, who was facing a military jury on October 13”.

Incendiary attacks against bank ATMs (Thessaloniki, 7/10/2008)

During the dawn of Tuesday 7/10, we casted fire upon two ATMs and the facades of Ethniki bank branches inside the fortified with police patrols and control points, centre of Thessaloniki.

A year and three days after the armed robbery at an Ethniki branch at Gizi, and the arrest of the revolutionary and bank robber Giorgos Voutsis-Vogiatzis.

A year and tree days after the perfect cooperation between the police and civilians that strived to prove the tragic condition that is characteristic of our era.

The communion of interests and desires among exploiters and exploited: Security, social peace, obedience to the law…

But every condition gives birth to its Negation. And the conscious attacks against every relation, symbol, value, face representing capitalist society, a society of bosses and slaves, come as an exception to prov the rule of mediocricy and willful slavery.

Not to condemn themselves in the level the spectacle orders – as something vain or of non-sense, or even something that belongs to a gang of speialists, but as a component of the Negative that expands to do its part to bring forward the collapse of this world. And the basic function of this world, its engine is the dipole of working and consuming.

By robbing a bank, gaining back your time from the frustrating timetables, setting everyday life free of temporal and economic blackmails, you re-appropriate in essence, your own life.

In spite of all these, a battle doesn’t win a war, a robbery doesn’t bring down economy and an arson doesn’t magically erase all the banks of the world, and quit similarly a comrade’s arest doesn’t end the revolutionary struggle…

For these reasons and another few more, we send incendiary salutations to Giorgos not only as a bank robber for his personal selection to negate working, but even more as a revolutionary for the whole of his activity.

As a drop-out selecting to fight the Existant in its totality…

PS. Thessaloniki is an erotic city and its nights would be unacceptable not to have some fire.

PS2. The winter is going to be WARM...