Title: God Is Dead
Subtitle: Text in Solidarity with Franscisco Solar and Monica Caballero
Date: 2013
Source: interarma.info
Notes: Translated by Inter Arma

Answering to the international call in solidarity with Francisco Solar and Monica Caballero, who are captured by the Spanish state and accused of detonating a bomb in a church, we contribute some random thoughts about the tyranny of their gods.

“Never again will we be good, mediocre believers, of a mediocre God, a slur of man. We anticipate the ressurection of the living…” (fragment from a communique claiming four bombing attacks against four churches in April 2009, by CCF)

Churches built like scarecrows to frighten life. Everything beautiful, passionate, indomitable, undiscovered condemned as a sin. Life fills prohibitions and servility is praised. It is good that there are churches, to remind us that religion kills life.

The God they created, is an eternal dictator. He oversees every moment of our lives and judges us mercilessly. We do not even own our secrets. His love is armed with threats of eternal punishment to anyone who dares to challenge his commandments. It is good that there are churches, to remind us that God is vainglorious fascist. Priests are the colonels in God’s military dictatorship. Smaller and more cruel than their God. Wicked, moneymongers, hypocrites and pedophiles … Working together with politicians, businessmen and army officers, who they bless with golden crosses on lavish receptions. It is good that there are churches, for they reveal the ugliness of their officials.

Believers are the herd of a mindless mass, which prays rhythmically under the watchful eye of their God. The louder the prayer, the bigger the hypocrite. The crowds of believers look like the slaves in the Roman arena. “Hail God, the moribunds praise your glory …”. Humble and resentful, they reject any difference, any excess, any enjoyment, that does not worship their icons. It is good that there are churches, because they demonstrate that the largest empires are based on the faith of their subordinates.

Christianity is the preaching of death. It promises the lie of eternal life only to abolish the present, the here and now . The life we are living is nothing more than a test of faith . A bad joke, made by their God to test us … ” Love thy neighbor ” is written on the scriptures and priests love power and wealth. Religion is a lucrative business . At older times, it was the Crusades , now the Church owns companies, banks , television stations , newspapers , land and building blocks . It is good that there are churches to remind us that freedom must pass over the rubble and the ruins of their temples.

Monica and Francisco, the solidarity and anarchist affinity, that connects us, is stronger than their God. The are letters after all. Letters that escaped from the cells of Chile and Greece. Others arrived at their destination, others were lost without ever been read (by us). This was the way we began communicating with Monica, the comrades of Casa Bombas in Chile and dozens of other brothers in praxis, who are held captives by power. The things, that have been said and also others that we didn’t have had the time to write in a letter, are still valid. Until the liberation of each and every one of us.

“They looked at each another. Words weren’t needed. Besides, where can one find words that match the stature of freedom. Time was frozen, these were their own moments. The escape was being planned for months. All the anxieties, the troubles, the setbacks of fortune, the laughs, the worries, the dreams, had now to rely on the three minutes that the attack would last. Staring at the magazine. Fifteen bullets – fifteen breaths of freedom. And another … his own, while hearing his voice saying “Let’s go … freedom or death …”. “




Cospiracy of Cells of Fire – FAI/IRF, prison cell

P.S. In the morning of Wednesday, the 11th of December, comrade Sebastian Oversluij Seguel was killed by the bullets of a guard, during attempted bank robbery. The cops arrested another two comrades, Alfonso Alvial Sanchez and Hermes Gonzalez Henriquez. The robbery of a bank by anarchists of Praxis, is an insurrectional and existential practice of rejecting the coercion and morality of wage slavery, imposed by the bosses.