Title: Russian guilt
Author: Dmitry Mrachnik
Topics: imperialism, Russia
Date: 5 November 2017
Source: Retrieved on 5th February 2022 from www.nihilist.li

Dear Russians, if we say, that you’re responsible for aggressive acts of your government, it means just that you make a criminal omission. We know your political abilities in Putin’s repressive police state and do not wait for mass demonstrations or empowered terror. But you could cool down the heat of imperial madness, multiply and reduce its violence. You could simply reject and criticize anti-ukrainian propaganda, deconstruct those ridiculous myths about «fascist Maidan», «people’s uprising at the East» and the «bloody mess of Kiev junta».

Ukraine has got a lot of crap — corrupted government, far right nationalists, poverty etc. But we had had it before. It’s our crap that we fight with for many years. Are you sure that we need your help? All of your sources are government propaganda and TV-puppets. Better think of saving yourself.

We wouldn’t blame you for Putin’s crimes, but we will condemn you for your cowardice and spinelessness, that made you salute those crimes and make them worse. You have a small amount of people who make you start fixing your own problems — police state, poverty and militarism. They’re the best of you — listen to them and fight you regime, instead of playing a role of «white people» who bring the light to «savage ukrainian barbarians».

Russian media and communication are in an escalated condition. Even a simple «like» or «share» in social media isn’t a inoffensive pampering anymore — they indicate a straight political position. If there are likes and shares of Kremlin propaganda, their stories or interpretations, it’s time to think about your sidekick role in a state machine. But the silence isn’t better. As the most smart part of you think, who is worse — Ukraine or «people’s republics» in the East, your government strikes the army, that still stands because of the enthusiasm and civil donations.

If you can’t get all the severity of the context, ignoring the predatory actions of your state, you’ll feel Kremlin’s boot on your own throat really soon. It will grind all the independent social institutes you still have. You have lost almost all the freedom after Putin’s coronation in 2000, and you still believe in Russian messiah. Putin’s war against Ukraine isn’t a war against fascism, whatever the TV says. This is the real fascist war starring russian far right nationalist projects, and you have the sidekick role .

If you didn’t pluck up courage and demand to stop this massacre, you would be guilty till your death die. You will respond for your cowardice that stopped you from sabotaging this hell machine that was built right before your eyes.