Date: April 11, 2017
Source: https://prostituteswargroup.wordpress.com/2017/04/11/pro-festo-of-the-prostitutes-war-group/



We are the whores of the worst nightmare of the shitstem.

PWG is an internationalist collective of anarchist revolutionary queer insurrectionist PROSTITUTES: rising up to realise our power, using our pro-fessional ILLEGALIST skills to sabotage our ideological enemies. We will disarm and ultimately destroy those who perpetuate the Social War against us – WAR that is inherent in the fascistic capitalistic Shitstems imposed on us. They try to render us powerless conformists, through their sick perversions of ‘Judeo- Xtian Morality’, ‘Law & Order’, and ‘Justice’ – that only serve to emotionally, spiritually and physically RAPE us.

MALA-PRO-PISMS: 1. Some purported Anarchists believe Prostitutes to be exploited within a standard superficial gendered framework. We reject this, we are utter Transgressives and Iconoclasts. There are no binaries, only the maximal fluidity of gender and sexuality which we gloss as QUEER. We intrinsically reject and transgress all the ‘norms’ of culture, law, religion, Capital, that only serve to Oppress us and channel power and wealth to the same sad sick stunted elite men who beg for our sexual succour.

2. Prostitution is commonly rendered as an inherently a-political profession. A crippling, steel-clad boot in the bollocks to that assertion! As anti-workerists we believe in the formula: Least amount of labour/ for Highest rates of pay. We have no interest in careerism or ‘respectable’ lowly paid employment. As avowed HOIZONTALISTS, we find the narrative of the romanticised working class (i.e/ happy but poor) ‘noble’ proletarian as deeply offensive as the enduring Orientalist myth of the ‘noble savage’. We fundraise on our own terms to enable our Autonomy, the time and freedom to realise and unleash our own latent Power, and to bestow solidarity on those we respect in their offensive actions against systemic control. We reject so-called labour rights and the decriminalisation of Prostitution demanded by state funded ‘sex worker’ groups and deem these efforts mere reformism. As Prostitutes, we make more cash in hand in the grimy undergrowth than working for the legitimated boss. We revel in our outlaw criminal status.

THEREFORE We have no desire to reform the system. We are dedicated to its Total Destruction!

Prostitutes have unique access to the ‘elite’: the industrialists, maggot-strates, our fine representative politicians, religious leaders, the ultra-rich and their lackeys in the filth. Those who urgently press their grubby money on us, out of a pathetic desire for affirmation and as an antidote to their miserable lives. And thereby we have the power to wreak terror and humiliation upon them! We are uniquely placed to expose their hypocrisy and pathetic predilections… when they pay us to shit on their faces we take so much more pleasure in that act than their insulated, retarded emotional responses could comprehend.

Under our saccharine smiles and feigned delight, we are watching. Waiting for our moment to strike, to humiliate, expose, and torture those who are directly complicit in perpetuating the systems of state control, fascistic capitalist repression and social war. We covertly, creatively unleash our rage. Taste OUR WAR, scumbags!

We hereby urge our queer and genderfluid whore comrades across the globe to further the insurrectionist wet dream. No offensive action is too taboo in realising sabotage of those who would would deem themselves our ‘masters’, and the foot soldiers who perpetuate the Social War. We advocate thieving, drugging, kidnap, intelligence gathering, assassinations, public exposure, and corrupting their children. We will share our successes under the banner of the Prostitutes War Group: Communiques will follow thicker and quicker than a horny corrupt cop.

In Solidarity with all anarcho-whore saboteurs fighting the social war through whatever unconventional and direct means are at our disposal. Avante Prostitutes War Group! No retreat, no surrender, until the last pig is strung up with the blood-splattered tie of the last industrialist! VIVA LA PUTA!