Title: Anarchist movement answered to the provocation of German newspaper Junge Welt
Date: July 9, 2023
Source: Retrieved on 4th September 2023 from https://t.me/theblackheadquarter/488

A German leftist paper recently published a speculative claim about our deceased comrades. It claims that the anarchists, who were killed fighting in Ukraine, had changed their views and joined the right. They try to prove it with a quote from the channel of right-wing politician Dmytro Korchynsky, where he spreads the lie that Dmytro Petrov, Finbar Cafferkey and Cooper Andrews joined the right-wing Brotherhood organization and “were learning to love god,” implying that they gave up their views.

We won’t allow this lie to desecrate the memory of our friends who were dedicated anarchists to their last days.

So where did the information about anarchists being members of the Brotherhood come from?

Dmytro, Finbar and Cooper, who died in combat near Bakhmut on April 19, were indeed there alongside Brotherhood members. But, according to the guys themselves, their friends and our comrade who was in the same division as them, they never joined that organization. Joint participation in combat and training was a temporary decision forced upon them by army commanders.

These fighters gathered together specifically to create an anarchist division, but had to make do with extremely limited means. After arriving at a training camp as a group, they were notified that they would be training alongside members of the Brotherhood, and later that they will go on their next mission together. For the sake of their goal, the anarchists were ready to take on any challenges, so they weren’t stopped by the unpleasant necessity of temporary coexistence, since personal comfort is insignificant compared to the challenges of the anarchist movement.

We ask you to share this information and talk about this to make sure that no manipulations, either from right-wingers or from instigators, can dim the bright memory of our dear comrades. They gave their whole lives to the struggle for our freedom and yours, and bequeathed to us to carry on their work.