Title: New censorship on the Internet
Author: Rev Dia
Date: 5 December 2019
Source: Retrieved on 26th January 2022 from a translation of revdia.org

It seems that Ukrainian officials are repeating all their crazy laws after the Russian ones, only one year behind.

Now our parasites have started censoring the Internet. The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine will start monitoring the activities of bloggers. According to the Minister, the work of bloggers will be regulated, because a huge number of people, including teenagers, absorb this information, regardless of whether it is bad or good. Now officials will take on the task of protecting us from “incorrect” information. Bloggers will be prosecuted.

We once again see how the state is trying to regulate the information space. It imposes its censorship here and there. Most recently, Olga Vasylevska-Smaglyuk, a deputy from the Servant of the People, said that our country had such strong freedom of speech that it was “time to silence it.”

Officials will not be able to sleep peacefully as long as there is free information space. If we continue to tolerate their onslaught, then very soon we will be imprisoned for swearing on the Internet.