Title: For starters (WS41)
Date: 1994
Source: Retrieved on 15th November 2021 from struggle.ws
Notes: Published in Workers Solidarity No. 41 — Spring 1994.

The democratic “will of the people” is not of major concern to the politicians in Leinster House. Two years ago the pregnant 14 year old at the centre of the ‘X’ case was prevented from going to England for an abortion. The High Court effectively interned her inside the 26 counties. The Dublin Abortion Information Campaign of which the Workers Solidarity Movement were founder members. called a demonstration.

10,000 marched for her right to choose to travel abroad for an abortion. The injunction was lifted. In November 1992 a referendum was held. The majority of people voted for freedom of information and travel in respect of abortion. They also voted against the blanket ban on abortion which had been put in place by the 1983 amendment to the Constitution.

Two years on the government are slowly getting around to do something about abortion information. Legislation is promised, though we can be sure that it will be as restrictive as they think possible to enforce. Nothing has happened about the issue of allowing abortion in Ireland.

We can vote whatever way we like but the government is not under any obligation to carry out our wishes. Democracy how are ya! To mark the second anniversary of the victory in the ‘X’ case and point out how shallow parliamentary democracy is, WSM members and other DIAC activists were on the streets of Dublin in February.

Posters with the telephone number of the pro-choice Womens’ Information Network [01–6794700] were pasted up in housing estates and shopping areas. Leaflets outlining how the government were ignoring the expressed will of the electorate were given out. The fight for womens freedom is far from over.

At our recent national conference it was agreed to change the appearance of Workers Solidarity. Reflecting a moderate but continuous growth in numbers and support this will be the last issue in magazine format. In future Workers Solidarity will be published as a newspaper, initially continuing as quarterly but hopefully becoming more frequent. It will be supplemented by a new magazine Libertarian Socialism which will be launched later this year.

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